#157 Fujifilm v Nikon v Leica. Hmmm.
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Kev and Neale muse over whether meeting up to work in the same studio again will be allowed before the next new decade, how you advertise your services minus a portfolio, what about a medium format styled X100, is sharpness really that important and should we swap our zooms for primes?

We try to solve a brand choice decision and we tackle T stop lenses and marketing processes.

Tony Ray-Jones is the feature of this week’s book review and respected wedding photographer Adam Johnson is our guest.

Keep sending your questions.

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Today’s guest is Adam Johnson

Adam Johnson is an established and celebrated Wedding Photographer in the UK.

All Images © Adam Johnson

Book of the week is Tony Ray-Jones American Colour

He referred to them as “isolated sketches”, but the were part of his formative experience. Colour might have been considered vulgar, then ,and not the medium of serious photography, but for Tony Ray-Jones it expressed the excitement of the country in a way that black and white did not. “I found America a very colour-conscious country”, he said. “Colour is very much part of theit culture, and they use it in crazy ways. You look down Madison Avenue at lunchtime and the colours just vibrate. He arrived in America in 1961 on a scholarship to Yale to study graphic art and he returned to England four years later. It was in America that he learned to be a photographer. Among New York’s street parades, on Fith Avenue, in Times Square, Chinatown and Little Italy he learned to extract individual moments from a crowded backdrop and to find order in the chaos of the street. Based in New York, he made trips across the country ; west to Detroit, south to Florida ; all the time making colour pictures alongside black and white. “When i got back to England i found everything so grey that i did’nt see the point of shooting in colour. To me, Britain is very much a black and white country”. Britain was where he made his reputation, but America, and particularly New York, was where he made the experiments that would inform it. This small book of colour photographs shows something of what those experiments produced.

A few more things we discuss this week

We speak more about Tony Ray-Jones and his “Notes on Shooting” which Kevin discusses here.

You should also check out the Book Shop at The Martin Parr Foundation.

Sven Lohmeier’s Flickr page featuring the German project we talk about.

May Ellen Mark – the Book of Everything

And do you know the difference between T-Stops and F-Stops?

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A Small Voice: Conversations With Photographers
A Small Voice: Conversations With Photographers
Ben Smith
145 - Evgenia Arbugaeva
Evgenia Arbugaeva was born and spent her early childhood in the secluded town of Tiksi, located on the shore the Laptev Sea in the Republic of Yakutia in Russia’s Arctic North. Though she is now based in London and recently lived for a number of years in New York City, she has spent much of the past decade returning to and exploring the region surrounding her birthplace, discovering and capturing the remote worlds she finds there and the isolated characters who inhabit them. Her work is often located within the tradition of magical realism, and her approach combines documentary and narrative styles to create a distinctive visual iconography rooted in real experience but resonant with fable, myth and romanticism. Evgenia's early series _Tiksi_ (2010) and _Weather Man_ (2013), which featured Slava, a lone Russian meteorololgist willingly marooned on a remote weather station, reflect her romantic fascination and childhood nostalgia for the Arctic. Between 2018-19, supported by a _National Geographic Society Storytelling Fellowship_, Evgenia travelled to three more outposts in the extreme north of Russia, creating three further chapters: _Kanin Nos_, a lighthouse on the isolated Kanin peninsula populated only by a young couple and their dog; _Dikson_, a now derelict ghost town where Evgenia captured the spectacular Northern Lights, and finally the far eastern region of _Chukotka_ home to the Chukchi community, who still maintain the traditions of their ancestors, living off the land and sea with Walrus and whale meat as the main components of their diet. Collectively these stories are entitled _Hyperborea_ and are featured in her first major solo exhibition at _The Photographers' Gallery_ in London, now sadly closed under the latest UK lockdown. By way of geographical contrast, Evgenia also travelled to Tanzania in 2016 to document a former malaria research center, producing a story entitled _Amani_, the name of the place in question. As well as being a National Geographic Society Storytelling Fellow, Evgenia is a recipient of the _ICP Infinity Award_, _Leica Oskar Barnack Award_ and the _Magnum Foundation Emergency Fund Grant_. Her work has been exhibited internationally and appeared in publications such as _National Geographic_, _Time_, _Le Monde_ and _The New Yorker_ magazines among others. On episode 145, Evgenia discusses, among other things: * Memories of early life in Tiksi * First interests in photography at school * Living with reindeer herders for a year * Moving to New York * Her 3 month journey on supply ship to explore * Slava, the subject of _Weather Man_ * The importance of forming relationships with her subjects * _Kanin Nos_ * _Dikson_ and the aurora borealis * _Amani_ Website | Instagram | Facebook “The act of taking pictures is very invasive, you know, it’s a very harsh thing to do to someone and I am very much aware of that. So I want to soften it as much as I can for people, to the point where it won’t be a about photography or if it’s about photography its about making them understand what I do and them wanting to help me!”
1 hr 14 min
PetaPixel Photography Podcast
PetaPixel Photography Podcast
Mike "Sharky" James
Ep. 340: The Year Ahead - and more
Episode 340 of the PetaPixel Photography Podcast. Download MP3 - Subscribe via iTunes, Google Play, email or RSS! Featured: Photographer, artist, and digital tools creator, Jessica Drossin In This Episode If you subscribe to the PetaPixel Photography Podcast in iTunes, please take a moment to rate and review us and help us move up in the rankings so others interested in photography may find us. Show Opener: Photographer, artist, and digital tools creator, Jessica Drossin. Thanks Jessica! Sponsors: - Fujifilm's 52 weeks of FREE education. Build Your Legacy with Fujifilm - Get 20% off at PhottixUS.com with offer code PetaPixel20 - Get the new CineEye2 and more at AccsoonUSA.com. - Get FreshBooks cloud accounting FREE for 30 DAYS by entering PetaPixel in the "How Did You Hear About Us?" section at FreshBooks.com/PetaPixel - More at LensShark.com/deals. Stories: A look ahead at the photography industry in 2021, and my hits and misses. Pentax and not going mirrorless. (#) Full-frame vs. APS-C, and not being able to tell the difference. (#) Taking photos in public, and the war on photography. (#) Using a drone and who knows where you've been...or are. (#) Connect With Us Thank you for listening to the PetaPixel Photography Podcast! Connect with me, Sharky James on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook (all @LensShark) as we build this community. We’d love to answer your question on the show. Leave us an audio question through our voicemail widget, comment below or via social media. But audio questions are awesome! You can also cut a show opener for us to play on the show! As an example: “Hi, this is Matt Smith with Double Heart Photography in Chicago, Illinois, and you’re listening to the PetaPixel Photography Podcast with Sharky James!”
53 min
F-Stop Collaborate and Listen
F-Stop Collaborate and Listen
Matt Payne
Andy Boenau - Virtual Photography Projects & His Corona Coupling Book
Welcome to episode 195 of F-Stop Collaborate and Listen! This week on the podcast, I was happy to be joined by Andy Boenau. Andy is a photographer living in Richmond, Virginia who seems to always have a new project up his sleeve. I was excited to talk to him about his latest project, which examines the lives of people in relationships that were only able to meet with each other virtually via Zoom, as has become commonplace since the start of COVID-19. Andy and I discuss some interesting topics this week, including: * His monograph book project, Corona Coupling, * How physical separation takes a toll on relationships, * Using Zoom as a camera, * Focusing on the creative process instead of the equipment, * Artistic motivation and self-limiting beliefs, * Virtual photography, * And much, much more. Here are the photographers that Andy recommended on the podcast: 1. Chris Suspect. 2. Tatsuo Suzuki. I love hearing from the podcast listeners! Reach out to me via Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter if you'd like to be on the podcast or if you have an idea of a topic we can talk about. Join the discussion over on Nature Photographer's Network! We have weekly discussions about each episode of the podcast. It's also free! We also have an Instagram page and a Facebook page for updates. Thanks for stopping in, collaborating with us, and listening. See you next week. Please support the show on Patreon. As a reminder, you can also support the podcast by shopping at B+H for your photography gear using our Affiliate Link.
1 hr 4 min
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