Dec 28, 2020
Podcast: Fun and games as the Wrap takes off
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OK, stop, relax, breathe. We’re not taking a break these holidays so much as easing our collective foot off the gas

We thought that, rather than drag someone out of their post-Christmas coma to be interviewed on the Flat Chat Wrap podcast, we’d give you a chance to reprise some of our most listened-to episodes of the past year, some of which you might have missed or want to hear again.

In fact there are two “normal” episodes that stand out as our most downloaded. Episode 91 – Crackdown on Dud Developers and Episode 87 – Comedy, coffee and a new way of renting .

In Ep 87, we first discussed build-to-rent apartments, had a chat with the owner of a café in an apartment block, and announced the completion of our Pod-Com “Hyperbole Towers” (which you can hear again by clicking on the link below).

Pets, pets and pets

In Episode 91, we spoke to Karen Stiles, Executive Officer of the Owners Corporation Network, about the impact Building Commissioner David Chandler is going to have on new apartment builds in NSW.

Given this week’s news that another major developer has gone bust,  he certainly has his work cut out.

Apart from those podcasts, anything with “pets” in the title rated well, no doubt due at least in part to the shenanigans that saw NSW “no-pets” by-laws revoked, reprieved and then re-revoked.  These included Episode 89, Episode 92, Episode 95  and Episode 96.

But these podcasts and the rest aren’t not all only about pets – there’s plenty of other stuff going on in strata for us to get our teeth into in these and other episodes.


For the record, our most neglected podcast – at least since we trebled our listeners by moving platforms from our previous hosts, the podcast equivalent of witness protection –  was Podcast 68: Six months of Sundays, classic movies, perfect pods.

Maybe it’s because when it went out in April, this episode didn’t have it’s full title attached. Or maybe it was the content – how to survive lockdowns with a smile.  It may be interesting to listen back to hear how we thought we’d fare as the pandemic spread.

Sue Williams and I (JimmyT) will be back next week with a full and fresh episode as we review the year in strata across Australia.

By the way, I have changed the podcast archive link on our front page to Google Podcasts as Apple iTunes doesn't seem to offer more than 10 old episodes.  Let me know if you have an issue with any of that.

But, meanwhile, sit back and enjoy (again) Australia’s first podcom (podcast sitcom), Hyperbole Towers and listen to its benighted committee, forced to meet on Zoom with all the back-stabbing, power plays and nefarious goings on that you’d expect.

And, once again, thanks to our special guest Todd McKenney for adding some stardust to the show.

Listen Here

And for those of you who don't yet pod - and it's as easy as clicking on play, above -  here's the script in full.  You're missing half the fun but enjoy anyway.

Hyperbole Towers - The Script  

 Scene 1: the cafe  



It's 12 minutes past six PM on a  post-lockdown evening and Charlie Lee, chair of the Hyperbole  Towers strata committee, is  wondering where the rest of its  members are.   

 SFX: Mobile phone ringing  


(In phone)  Hullo. Building Manager Alfie here... I'm sorry I'm in the  middle of a meeting.  


No, you're not.  


(In phone)  I most certainly am... oh...  hello, Madame Chairperson... I am  in the meeting. Where are you?   


I'm in the cafe. At the meeting.  Where are you? And where is  everybody else?  


(In phone)  We are meeting online, Madame  Chair. As required.  




(In phone)  Our new by-law. Remember we had to  pass one so we could have meetings  on Zoom or Skype?  


During the lockdown? How could I  forget? Four hours of mindless  arguments punctuated by three  resignations,
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