Episode 9: The Invisible Man
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“It’s ephemeral, you can’t touch it”

The panel of peril know what’s up, and what’s up is having a good old chinwag about The Invisible Man from nouveau horror maestro Leigh Whannell. We then try to improve upon the villain’s diabolical plan for the honour of choosing next week’s film and hosting the pod.

Released in 2020, The Invisible Man retools HG Wells literary classic for the modern age as a tale of spousal abuse, mental health abuse and technology gone wrong. But don’t worry, it’s actually a lot of fun and not quite as grim as it sounds. Can Cecilia expose Griffin as the madman he truly is?

Watch the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSBsNeYqh-k

********PLOT SPOILER ALERT********

Adrian Griffin (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) is an abusive husband who has a pathological need to control everything that his wife Cecilia (Elisabeth Moss) does. When he ‘dies’, Cecilia spirals into near psychosis at the thought that he is still following and watching her – torturing her from beyond the grave… or is there a more to it than that?

Just what did the panel think of this week’s movie, pray tell? How can they improve upon the villain’s masterplan? And who will be christened this week’s most diabolical?

Hear Tom Cruise’s bizarre scream in the trailer for The Mummy here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41vArfMDmmo

Tickets for The Big Scream Halloween Film Festival can be found here: https://www.forbiddenworldsfilmfestival.co.uk/

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