Episode 34: Labyrinth
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“They got Orson Welles to do the farts”

The panel of peril adjust their codpieces, lacquer their hair profusely, and settle down with our goblin lackeys to watch this week’s film Labyrinth (Jim Henson, 1986).

Sarah Williams (Jennifer Connelly) is a young woman who lives in somewhat of a fantasy world. And by that, I mean that she dresses up as a medieval princess down at her local park. Her parents aren’t happy about her lack of responsibility at all, but she’s having none of it. Until the night that she is pulled into an actual (?) fantasy world by Goblin King Jareth (David Bowie) and tasked with negotiating the titular labyrinth in order to rescue her baby brother. Umm, let’s just say high jinks ensue, okay?

Watch the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2yd4em1I6M

********PLOT SPOILER ALERT********

Turns out old Jareth has no interest in the child after all, instead he seeks Sarah’s hand in marriage before the stroke of midnight…

… Bit weird.

But fear not! Sarah has help in the form of dashing dog Sir Didymus, crotchety old troll Hoggle, and big, weird friendly monster Ludo! The fantastic four, you might call them. Yes, I’m certain that name has yet to be taken.

Did the panel enjoy this week’s cinematic serving? Could they find a way to improve the villainous plan? And who will be named this week’s most diabolical (person/podcast((er)))?

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