Ep 033: UX Networking
Play • 57 min

With the down economy, layoffs, and so many new UX juniors looking for their first jobs, everybody keeps telling everybody to “network.” But what does that mean? When does that work? When is it a waste of time? I did a surprise, unscheduled podcast to give my advice on these matters. Let’s be more active and let’s create human connections. You can collect people but how does anybody feel connected to you?

How can any of us get to know YOU? That’s where the connection happens. It doesn’t happen from you clicking LIKE and it doesn’t happen from someone saying, “I have 40,000 new followers in the last week and you can too! Comment here and meet each other!” That gives them a huge bump in the LI algorithm, but what did you really get?

Let’s take a fresh look at various types of #networking and how we can sharpen what we’re doing.

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