Why You Should Free Your Feet and Give Barefoot a Chance
1 hr 7 min
25% of the bones and joints in our bodies are located in your feet and ankles. We also have over 200,000 nerve endings on the sole of each foot. The athletic shoe industry would have us believe we need to wrap our feet in padding to protect them, but is that true? Science says not so much. On a recent episode of The Darin Olien Show, I sat down with Xero Shoes creator, Steven Sashen. Steven was a sprinter in high school, but went on hiatus for, well, 30 years. After picking up running again at 45, he was discouraged by how often he was injuring himself. Every week would come with a new pulled muscle or ankle strain. Then, a friend recommended going for a barefoot run. That’s when everything changed. “So I take off my shoes, I get out of the big thick motion-controlled padded shoes that everybody told me I had to wear, that most people wear,” Steven explained.  “And I was so fascinated, so enthralled with the experience of feeling the ground under my feet on all these different surfaces.” How Could Running Barefoot Possibly Work? Steven’s mind was blown after his very first barefoot run. 5K felt like a few yards. How was this possible? “If we think about it, human beings have been running, walking, hiking in the most nominal, minimalist footwear you can imagine for the history of human beings,” Steven mused. I mean it’s true, right? Our ancestors managed to create civilizations complete with massive stone temples and shrines wearing only thin sandals, or nothing at all on their feet. So why are we fed these lies that in order to run safely, we need padding? The simple answer? Marketing. Steven explained that what he calls “Big Shoe” is fueled primarily by money and recognition. “They’re all copycats,” Stephen says. Every time a shoe executive pushes a new sneaker idea, every other big shoe company follows suit. There’s a constant fear of falling behind and missing “the next big thing.” The Birth of a Company After the buzz of his first barefoot run wore off, Steven was left with a newfound inspiration to empower others to rediscover their feet. That’s how Xero Shoes was born. “All we’re doing, in a way, at Xero Shoes, is getting back to what people had been doing prior to the invention of the modern athletic shoe in the late 60s early 70s, for which there is zero evidence that it provides any benefit whatsoever”, Steven explains. He bases his shoe designs on proven science. Much of which is based on the work of Dr. Irene Davis and her research on natural movement. Besides science, there’s a lot of common sense involved. I mean, think about it, really think about it. If we have so many bones, joints, ligaments and nerve endings in our feet, how on earth would it be helpful to cover all those up? Steven uses a simple analogy to expand on this. “If you watch kids running, little kids, before they’ve been in regular shoes, in what we now think of as regular shoes, it’s amazing,” he says. “They have perfect running form. They land with their feet underneath their body. They’re not using too much energy, their body lean is just enough to move them forward.” Our bodies know how to run! We don’t need to “teach” them. Or to wrap up our body’s anchors in cushioning in order to protect ourselves. It’s so counterproductive, folks! Not only are athletic shoes inhibiting us physically, but they can also prevent our brains from making connections with the world around us. I’m talking about neural pathways. The Foot to Brain Connection Our brain uses our senses to make connections and learn about the environment we’re surrounded by. These neural pathways can be changed, or even cut off entirely, if we stop using certain parts of our body. By wrapping our feet in layers of heavy cushioning, we’re essentially preventing our brains from learning about the ground under our feet. “You just want to find as much variable stimulation as you possibly can, with whatever you’re doing,” Steven explains.
The Optimal Body
The Optimal Body
Jen Esquer & Dom Fraboni
53 | From the Emergency Room to Weight Room, What is the True Determinant of Health with Samantha Ciaccia
Looking for a quick fix for your pain? Then listen to this interview with Sam Ciaccia – trainer by day and physician assistant by night – as she explains what she runs into at the emergency room all the time and how you can avoid it.  This podcast opens up our eyes to the reality of a "quick fix" and the importance of awareness and self care of one's body.  Tune in for some body awareness exercises that you can implement in your day to day to make sure your body can be protected from possible troubles down the road. What You Will Learn in This Interview with Sam Ciaccia: @sciaccia 02:58 – What Sam’s purpose and goal is behind what she does 05:08 – Why it is important to Sam to continue learning and teaching movement` 07:13 – What it means to “abuse the system” 09:15 – How to motivate those who are looking for a quick fix 12:02 – The importance behind educators informing patients fully to avoid addictive behaviors 13:32 – Addictions behind medications and the importance of finding alternatives and education 16:05 – Why kettlebells, movement, and breathwork is so prevalent in Sam’s life 20:13 – How to determine if you are in an inhaled or exhaled state and why it's important 25:44 – How to strengthen breathwork with movement 27:25 – Why rib cage and pelvis placement is important - How to determine a neutral state 31:42 – Why having a lack of understanding of your body can be harmful 33:15 – How to start becoming more aware of your body movement About Sam Ciaccia: Sam Ciaccia is certified with her CSCS, SFGII, MS, PA-C. Trainer by day, Physician Assistant by night. Sam lives a duo-career, treating patients in the ER while living out her passion as a Strength Coach in NYC. She’s helped a range of clients from getting out of pain to conquering feats of strength! Kettlebells are her specialty focusing on the biomechanics of movement patterns and how they are applied to Kettlebell training. She encourages everyone to live up to their full potential in her sessions and overall in life! Items mentioned in this episode include: Sam’s Website: https://www.samanthalynnciaccia.com Sam’s App: https://marketplace.trainheroic.com/workout-plan/team/kettlebell-strength To check out the full show notes, visit Doc Jen's website here: www.docjenfit.com/podcast/episode53 --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/TOBpodcast/message
38 min
Plant Proof -  Evidence based nutrition
Plant Proof - Evidence based nutrition
Plant Based Nutrition & Inspirational Stories
Vegans...we need to talk with Psychologist Melanie Joy
In *Episode 112* I sit down with *Harvard-educated* *Psychologist and best selling author Melanie Joy *to discuss how we form our beliefs about food and how vegans can have healthier, more productive, conversations with non-vegans. An episode that I believe will be highly instructive regardless of the diet that you follow. *In this episode we cover:* * Melanie's personal journey to studying Psychology at Harvard and writing her award winning book* "Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows: An Introduction to Carnism" * * Why our food choices matter * The carnism ideaology * Carnistic defense systems and the three N's: 'Normal, Natural and Necessary * Effective vegan advocacy: how to communicate better as a vegan * Shame vs guilt * The idea of thinking about process vs content when communicating with someone who holds a different opinion to you * Why the debate format sets us up to fail * How you can be a part of the solution * What a 'vegan ally' is * The idea of watering the right seeds * and much more While my episodes usually focus on nutrition science I found this exchange fascinating and believe many of the learnings hold true for our communication in general, whether that be related to food choices and the exploitation of animals or not. My plan is to extend this into a 3-4 part series, with Melanie to return and another high profile vegan activist in the coming months so we can continue exploring this topic together. *Resources*: The 3 minute video on Carnism created by Melanie and her team Beyond Carnism that I referred to in this conversation Connect with Melanie on Instagram @beyondcarnism Carnism.org website Melanie's Book Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows: An Introduction to Carnism, 10th Anniversary Edition The Vegan Matrix - another book written by Melanie exploring what she believes is a serious problem with the vegan movement: unexamined privilege. Melanie's 2015 TedX Talk Toward Rational, Authentic Food Choices *My Book:* My book is coming out early 2021 published with Penguin - I cannot wait to share with you. In the lead up the launch I am going to share information about the title, cover, ways to win a copy, live event dates, free e-books etc. Register your email here so I can keep you up to date. *Want to support the show?* The single best way you can support the show is by leaving a review on Apple podcast app - it only takes a few minutes and would be much appreciated. *Simon Hill, Nutritionist, Physiotherapist * Creator of Plantproof.com and host of the Plant Proof Podcast Connect with me on Instagram and Twitter @plant_proof
1 hr 27 min
Align Podcast
Align Podcast
Aaron Alexander
Aubrey and Vylana Marcus: How to Navigate Separation and Heartbreak
What can we learn about ourselves when we go through a separation from another? It’s easy to feel strong when things are working, but what about when things aren't? There is valuable opportunity given to us that only present themselves when relationships fall apart–The opportunity to navigate through the deep layers of ourselves. But how do we actually navigate through these layers? In this conversation, Aubrey Marcus and his wife Vylana - two of my very favourite people - answer the questions I have on separation from someone you love (or feel deeply about), as it's something I currently am going through in my own life. Plus, they discuss why “wounds allows the light to enter”, and how truly loving ourselves is the best tool for facing a broken heart. Aubrey is the founder of ONMIT, a NYT bestselling author, the AMP podcast host, and founding member of Fit For Service Fellowship. Vylana is a sound alchemist, singer, Tahitian dancer, and medicine woman. What we discuss: [00:07:09] Aaron's current context [00:12:17] Love autonomy [00:18:56] Using the pain of a separation to growth [00:22:35] Facing and accepting fear [00:27:37] Self-love practices [00:40:38] Trust in acceptance [00:45:25] Expediting the process of accepting events within ourselves [00:51:22] Why current life events show you where there is still work to be done Find more from Aubrey and Vylana: Podcast: https://www.aubreymarcus.com/blogs/aubrey-marcus-podcast Program: https://www.aubreymarcus.com/pages/fit-for-service-fellowship Instagram: @aubreymarcus Instagram: @vylanamarcus
1 hr 4 min
Muscle For Life with Mike Matthews
Muscle For Life with Mike Matthews
Mike Matthews
How My Mom Used Thinner Leaner Stronger to Lose 11 Pounds & Double Her Strength
We’re fast-approaching Thanksgiving and the winter holidays, which for many of us, means spending time with family. Well, I don’t trust 2020 the slightest bit, so I’m going to beat it to the punch and spend some time with my mom before it’s expected. (It’s never a bad idea to keep father time on his toes and rattle expectations in such an unpredictable year). Jokes aside, on this episode I’m indeed chatting with my own mother, Laura Matthews, and discussing how her fitness has changed since following my programs. Before Thinner Leaner Stronger, she was athletic and doing ballet, but she wasn’t entirely happy with her physique. After reading my book and following the program, she’s lost fat while gaining muscle and is now in the best shape of her life at the age of 61. In this interview, we talk about her story and the important lessons she’s learned along the way, including what she was doing exercise-wise before reading TLS, how understanding and changing her diet lead to big changes, how she doubled her strength while losing body fat in her first six months, the importance of regular deloads, and more. So if you’re looking for a jolt of inspiration and like motivational stories, I highly recommend you listen to this episode. 9:09 - What were your numbers before and after you read my book? 20:21 - What were some of the diet and exercise obstacles that you had to overcome? 25:21 - Did you notice any positive or negative effects from flipping the carbs and the fat? 28:05 - Did you have to make any adjustments during cutting? --- Mentioned on The Show: Thinner Leaner Stronger: https://legionathletics.com/products/books/thinner-leaner-stronger/ Legion Black Friday Sale: legionathletics.com/shop/ --- Want free workout and meal plans? Download my science-based diet and training templates for men and women: legionathletics.com/text-sign-up/
1 hr 5 min
All About Fitness
All About Fitness
Pete McCall
Holiday Fit Gift Guide with Tricia Murphy Madden
Yes, the Holiday season is upon us which means two very important things: a chance to slow down from the usual frantic pace of life to spend time with loved ones and close family AND the insanity of 2020 is almost behind us. This has definitely been one of the craziest, most hectic years in anyone’s lifetime, BUT the good news is that we’re almost through, we just have to make it through the Holiday season. If you’re like me, I LOVE giving gifts to the people who are important in my life, it’s a chance to show how much I care about them. However, while I love giving gifts, I find the process of picking out gifts somewhat intimidating which is why I’ve put together the 4th Annual All About Fitness Holiday Fit Gift Guide to help you find that special something for the special someone in your life who loves to sweat.    Yes, the is the 4th annual Fit Gift Guide but it’s the first one I’ve recorded with a good friend and colleague, Tricia Murphy Madden (previous gift guides were recorded with Amanda Vogel, who was unavailable this year).    To help you find the perfect gift for that special someone I asked Tricia to come up with ideas that would be perfect for women while I offer suggestions for the men in your life. Whether it’s a colleague or distant cousin that you got in the family gift exchange or someone you snuggle with every night, hopefully you will hear a suggestion that will help you identify the right item to give this Holiday season.   In the interest of full disclosure, some of the gifts suggested are from previous guests of the All About Fitness podcast - that’s only because I have been using the products and believe in their ability to help you to enhance your quality of life.    The following gifts are all mentioned in the podcasts, some are generic ideas while others are specific; coupon codes, where available, are noted below:   EightSleep smart mattress; a mattress that automatically adjusts to your needs for an optimal night's sleep https://www.eightsleep.com use code AAF150 to save $150   Under Armour Recovery Sheets: help promote recovery from exercise while you sleep: https://www.underarmour.com/en-us/p/ua-recover/ua-recover-sheet-set---double/1325132.html   Viome - testing of your gut biome to identify the optimal nutrition and vitamins for your needs; use code AAF10 to save 10% on the purchase of any of the testing kits: https://www.viome.com   Starbucks Holiday Cup - allows recipient to get 1 free coffee or tea throughout month of January, available at Starbucks nationwide.   MasterClass annual pass - give the gift of education: https://www.masterclass.com/   HomeroomFit.com membership - if making it to live classes is a challenge, Homeroom Fit is a virtual platform that brings some of the country's best instructors directly to you. https://homeroomfit.com   Home workout gear for the Barre group fitness junkie (perfect companion for a Homeroom Fit subscription):  Bender Ball / mini-bands by Kira Stokes / Micro-bars by Bodybar / Booty Kicker - home Barre stand (weights not included) / Yoga mat   Hoodie towel from Billabong - dry off and change in cozy comfort Hoodie towel from Billabong    Rechargeable electric socks (as found on Amazon)   Fit Radio subscription - give the give of music to keep a friend moving all year long: https://www.fitradio.com   Myaderm CBD cream - helps relieve minor aches and pains, a perfect stocking stuffer for the active person: https://www.myaderm.com Available at Dick's Sporting Goods   Rad E-bikes Rad City 4 E-bikes are an environmentally friendly way to get around for short commutes or running quick errands.   Stealth Training gloves from Throwdown Industries - these workout gloves are specially designed to keep germs and nasty viruses off your hands: https://throwdown.com/products/stealth-training-gloves    Give the gift of fitness education: Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple teaches readers how to design their own workout programs; include 21 different workouts. Exercise for the Fountain of Youth e-book - educates readers on the types of exercise that can slow the effects of the aging process - only $7
55 min
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