#3 John C. McGinley On Living In Gratitude
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Behind every beloved character from film or television is an actor or actress that pours their heart, soul, gratitude and personal experience into its creation.

Welcome to The Darin Olien Show. 
On this podcast, you’ll hear me, Darin Olien, “the superfood hunter,” have inspiring and enlightening conversations with extraordinary people from all walks of life. Although our ideas and approaches to life may differ, our ultimate goal is the same- to save the planet one conversation at a time.

If you’re interested in expanding your view of the world by learning new perspectives on health, nutrition and healing the planet, and want to learn more about society’s Fatal Conveniences™- the things we may be doing because the world we live in makes us believe we have to, even though they may be doing harm- then this is the podcast for you.

My guest for this episode is probably one of the most genuine, unique people I know, John C. McGinley. 
John has been in dozens and dozens of…
Plant Proof -  Evidence based nutrition
Plant Proof - Evidence based nutrition
Plant Based Nutrition & Inspirational Stories
Can holistic grazing reverse climate change? A review of Kiss the Ground
In *Episode 111 *I sit down with Environmental Researcher Nicholas Carter to discuss claims made in the Kiss the Ground documentary that was released on Netflix a few weeks ago. *Specifically we cover:* * The claims made by the documentary around reversal of climate change * Pro's and Con's of the solutions put forward by the documentary * Holistic grazing and carbon sequestration * Alan Savory and science * Importance of conservation and restoration of forests * Grasslands versus forests for carbon sequestration * What a shift to holistic grazing would mean for diets globally * The evidence based way for individuals to lower their food based environmental footprint * and much more *Resources:* * FCRN Grazed and Confused Report * Paul Hawken's Drawdown Review solutions - Sort by impact and you will see Plant-Rich diets are in the top 4 of all solutions in both scenario 1 and scenario 2 that they put forward. * Maria Nordborg's review of Holistic Grazing and Alan Savory's claims * Tim Searchinger's paper on land use * Matthew Hayek's paper on what a shift from factory farmed cows to grazing cows means for beef supply * Database of environmental science articles on food and planetary health compiled by Dr Tushar Mehta and Nicholas Carter * An expansive article I wrote on our food system and climate change *Book:* My book is coming out early 2021 published with Penguin - I cannot wait to share with you. In the lead up the launch I am going to share information about the title, cover, ways to win a copy, live event dates, free e-books etc. Register your email here so I can keep you up to date. *Want to support the show?* The single best way you can support the show is by leaving a review on Apple podcast app - it only takes a few minutes and would be much appreciated. *Simon Hill, Nutritionist, Physiotherapist * Creator of Plantproof.com - a free resource for plant based nutrition information
1 hr 20 min
All About Fitness
All About Fitness
Pete McCall
Dr. Sara Bird - All About Your Gut Microbiome
Do you ever make decisions based on your 'gut feeling?' Have you ever noticed how your stomach may react to different foods? Are you looking for that one special thing that can take your fitness to the next level? Well, it's time to understand more about your gut, specifically your gut microbiome. From your feelings to your physical performance, your gut has trillions of cells in the microbiome that can influence how your body functions. Dr. Sara Bird is a molecular microbiologist who studies the gut microbiome for Viome. On this episode of All About Fitness, Dr. Bird shares why we should pay attention to the microbiome in our gut and how learning more about it, like how to influence it through nutrition and exercise, can help to achieve optimal health and performance. This is a fascinating and insightful discussion that will help you to learn more about your microbiology and how that can help you to live your best life. WARNING: You may have flashbacks to high school biology! FOLLOW THIS LINK To understand more about how testing your microbiome can help you To learn more about Viome's testing products and which might be right for you, visit: https://www.viome.com/products Achieve optimal health! Use code AAF10 to save 10% on ANY testing kit so that you can learn more about your microbiome Follow Viome on Instagram: @Myviome Join Pete for 30 min. HIIT Workouts from the comfort of your own home! Wednesdays and Fridays at 12pm pacific / 3pm eastern, only $10 FOLLOW THIS LINK FOR DETAILS Dynamic Anatomy e-book understand how your body functions during exercise for only $11! Want to learn the best exercises for your glutes? FOLLOW THIS LINK for Glute Reboot, a recorded webinar with Pete McCall and Abbie Appel on everything you need to know about exercise for the most visible part of your body! Interested in the Smarter Workouts 6-week Virtual Group Training program? Go to www.petemccallfitness.com and sign up for the mailing list - you'll get a free chapter of the book and will be the first to know when the program is ready to launch! What's the best way to exercise your inner thigh muscles? Are crunches the best exercise for your abs? FOLLOW THIS LINK to the recorded webinar on Dynamic Anatomy, it includes a copy of the Dynamic Anatomy e-book that will help you understand how your muscles function during exercise. $27 Do you need new ideas for your workouts? Do you want an exercise program that can deliver results without putting you in pain? Each one of the All About Fitness 8-week exercise programs is designed for how your muscles actually function, helping you to gain strength, improve definition and burn calories while slowing down the effects of time on your body 8 week Dumbbell Strength Training - only $12 8 week Kettlebell Conditioning - only $12 8 week Functional Core Training - only $12 To learn how to design exercise programs using only 1 piece of equipment, pick up a copy of Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple Free information and workouts on the All About Fitness podcast YouTube channel - including this recorded webinar on how high intensity exercise can slow down the aging process: https://youtu.be/F6rd-1SCjtc Go to www.petemccallfitness.com and sign up for the mailing list to receive a FREE CHAPTER and workout from my book Smarter Workouts @PeteMcCall_fitness on Instagram to learn great exercise tips and workout ideas
1 hr 12 min
The Optimal Body
The Optimal Body
Jen Esquer & Dom Fraboni
45 | Birth Control and Women's Health with Dr. Jolene Brighten
Feel like sex ed didn’t really teach you about your body? Need birth control for your irregular periods or chronic acne? Tune into this extremely informative interview with Dr. Jolene Brighten – Naturopathic physician, author, and leader in women’s health – as she reveals the truths behind women’s health and birth control.   Did you know that a woman has a fertility window of one day per month? Or what the difference is between an STI and an STD? Dr. Brighten dives into these topics head first in order to make sure you fully understand the concepts behind what birth control, contraceptives, and periods really mean to women and their health. What You Will Learn in This Interview with Dr. Jolene Brighten: @drjolenebrighten 01:48 – Dr. Jolene’s mission or purpose on this earth - Why purpose is important 05:05 – Dr. Jolene’s recommendations on where to start in finding accurate information about young women’s developing bodies 06:27 – The truth behind a woman’s fertile window 09:22 – The truth behind sex education - The lack of effectiveness due to scare tactics 14:50 – Fertility awareness methods from Dr. Jolene 17:42 – Contraceptive facts from Dr. Jolene - The difference between STIs and STDs 19:08 – The unethical historical truth behind the pill and the research behind it 22:03 – How hormonal birth control actually works - What makes the pill effective 24:54 – The lack of information of long term effects associated with birth control 26:16 – The importance of nutrition intake while taking birth control and why 28:48 – Risk factors with taking birth control - Politics behind birth control information 32:30 – The truth behind why birth control can help with acne - Advice on how to get off birth control 36:11 – Dr. Jolene’s alternatives to birth control for healthy skin 40:12 – Dr. Jolene’s advice for those who have irregular periods - Facts behind your period 45:57 – Differences in physician credentials and the understanding behind the medications being prescribed About Dr. Jolene Brighten: Dr. Jolene Brighten is a prominent leader in women’s medicine and the emerging science of Post-Birth Control Syndrome — studying the effects of hormonal birth control on female health. A fierce patient advocate and completely dedicated to uncovering the root cause of hormonal imbalances, Dr. Brighten empowers women worldwide to take control of their health and their hormones. She is an international speaker, clinical educator, medical advisor within the tech community, and considered a leading authority on women’s health. Items mentioned in this episode include: Dr. Brighten’s Free E-Book: https://drbrighten.com/pbcsdiet Dr. Brighten’s Book Bonuses: www.beyondthepillbook.com Dr. Brighten’s Website: www.drbrighten.com Dr. Brighten’s TikTok: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMJmaGCoV/ To see Dr. Brighten's full bio and to check out the rest of Doc Jen’s website, click here: www.docjenfit.com/podcast/episode45 --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/TOBpodcast/message
58 min
BookThinkers: Life-Changing Books
BookThinkers: Life-Changing Books
Nicholas Hutchison
29. Jairek Robbins: Author of Live It!
The World’s #1 Personal Development Book Podcast! In this episode, I have the pleasure to interview author Jairek Robbins. Jairek is a bestselling author, a decorated performance coach and lifestyle entrepreneur, a sought after speaker and the founder of Performance Coach University. For those of you wondering, he is the son of Tony Robbins, but I think you will find that he offers his own unique perspective on living with purpose. Our conversation today is all about Jairek’s book, Live It!: Achieving Success by Living with Purpose. Throughout the interview, you’ll see that Jairek is all about a philosophy called Learn It, Live It, Give It. Learn what it takes to be successful. Live it fully in your own life. Then, give to others to help them do the same. Please enjoy this amazing conversation with Jairek Robbins. Today’s episode is sponsored by Audible. Try Audible for free: www.bookthinkers.com/audibletrial. The purpose of this podcast is to connect you, the listener, with new books, new mentors, and new resources that will help you achieve more and live better. Each and every episode will feature one of the world's top authors so that you know each and every time you tune-in, there is something valuable to learn. If you have any recommendations for guests, please DM them to us on Instagram. (www.instagram.com/bookthinkers) If you enjoyed this show, please consider leaving a review. It takes less than 60-seconds of your time, and really makes a difference when I am trying to land new guests. For more BookThinkers content, check out our Instagram or our website. Thank you for your time!
40 min
The Exam Room by the Physicians Committee
The Exam Room by the Physicians Committee
Physicians Committee
3 Sneaky Risk Factors for Breast Cancer - Let's Beat Breast Cancer Part 4
There are many things that you can do to lower your risk of breast cancer, but some of them you may not have even thought about! Dr. Kristi Funk joins “The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll to talk about the ordinary things that we encounter hundreds of times every day that impact the risk of cancer. More often than not we don’t even think about them because they are so common, but the danger is still there nonetheless! Dr. Funk also gives tips on how to put the power of your health back in hour hand and mitigate as many of the sneaky risk factors as possible. Plus, she and Chuck examine breast cancer in the COVID-19 era and the impact that the coronavirus is having on women’s health. Also, five-time Olympian Kikkan Randall joins the show to inspire us! Just months after fulfilling a lifelong dream by capturing gold she was diagnosed with breast cancer. With a hard look at her diet and an unwavering will to live, Kikkan entered the fight of her life by attacking the disease with all of the strength and ferocity that made her an Olympic champion. Today, she’s sharing her story of beating breast cancer to inspire others! This is the fourth and final episode of the Let’s Beat Breast Cancer series. — — — Take The Let’s Beat Breast Cancer Pledge Sign and receive the free “Breast Ever” e-cookbook! http://letsbeatbreastcancer.org/ — — — Dr. Funk’s Cancer Kicking Summit Register: https://wghtloss.cc/cksummit — — — Dr. Kristi Funk Twitter: @drkristifunk IG: @drkristifunk https://pinklotus.com — — — Kikkan Randall IG: @kikkanimal https://www.kikkan.com — — — Chuck Carroll Twitter: @ChuckCarrollWLC IG: @ChuckCarrollWLC Facebook: https://wghtloss.cc/ChuckFacebook — — — Physicians Committee Twitter: @PCRM IG: @PhysiciansCommittee Facebook: https://wghtloss.cc/PCRMFacebook YouTube: https://bit.ly/PCRMYouTube — — — Barnard Medical Center Telemedicine Schedule Appointment https://bit.ly/BMCtelemed 202-527-7500 — — — Share the Show Please subscribe and give the show a 5-star rating on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or many other podcast providers. Don’t forget to share it with a friend for inspiration!
1 hr 14 min
The Doctor's Kitchen Podcast
The Doctor's Kitchen Podcast
Dr Rupy Aujla
#75 Cannabis as Medicine (Part 2 of 2) - Cannabis and Treating Chronic Pain with Dr Attam Singh
On the podcast this week I welcome a returning guest to the show Dr Attam Singh, a Clinical Associate of the London Pain Clinic.   Dr Singh first joined us back in April for one of our COVID 19 special episodes and I'm delighted to have him back on the show today. As a Consultant in Pain Medicine, Dr Singh is very experienced in both the assessment and treatment of pain. Dr Singh specialises in musculoskeletal and neuropathic pain of either single or multiple origin providing a personalised, holistic approach to treat and perform interventional procedures when necessary.  More recently he has become one of the few registered practitioners using the Cannabis plant and its constituents (namely THC and CBD in varying proportions) to treat a variety of conditions and more specifically in his case, Pain. On the show today we talk about: * What the cannabis plant is and where we find the useful chemicals * THC and CBD * Synthetic vs Natural sources of CBD * The endocannabinoid system * The ‘entourage effect’ * The lethality of cannabis compared to other drugs of medicine and recreation * The complexity of chronic pain patients and why CBD has a role * The difference between prescription and OTC preparations * The delivery mechanism of CBD Remember you can catch the recipe I made for Attam on youtube, this is just the podcast bit where we talk about his speciality and experience. And do check out The Doctor's Kitchen website for full show notes and all social media links for this episode   See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
1 hr 14 min
The Lucas Rockwood Show
The Lucas Rockwood Show
Lucas Rockwood
435: The Power of Pessimism - COVID-19 Survival
The Power of Pessimism - COVID-19 Survival with Lucas Rockwood ----- What if this COVID-19 crisis lasts another six months? Or another two years? Our work and lifestyles are being radically redefined, and most people are taking a “wait and see’ approach, doubling down on Netflix, and waiting for big pharma to fix this mess. Maybe it’ll work. Maybe it’s almost over. Or maybe, this is just the start of a whole new future we can’t even fully comprehend yet. Human psychology is such that fear and pain incite personal growth more than pleasure or optimism. With that in mind, what if we all game-out the worst case scenarios. Let’s assume for the sake of this exercise that this crisis will last one or two years more, and let’s use this uncertainty as a forcing factor for changes that would otherwise take five or ten years to manifest. On this week’s podcast, we’ll explore the power of pessimism, the importance of focus, and how to find the signal through the noise during these challenging times. Listen & Learn: * Why “Defensive Pessimism” can set you up for a win during crisis times * Why a “smile or die” outlook can be personally and professional dangerous * How to embrace change and embrace loss * How to focus on health, wealth, relationships during this time Links & References: * The Power of Negative Thinking * Defensive Pessimism * The Happy Pessimist ABOUT OUR GUEST Lucas Rockwood is a yoga trainer, writer, and keynote speaker. He founded YOGABODY and The Yoga Teachers College and has certified over 12,000 teachers working in 41 countries. Nutritional Tip of the Week: * Cranberries Any Good? Got Questions? * Submit your question: yogabody.com/asklucas/ Like the Show? * Leave us a Review on iTunes
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