Yoma 6 - Shabbat April 17, 5 Iyar
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Study Guide Yoma 6

Today's daf is dedicated by Hannah and Michael Piotrkowski for a refuah shleima of Yaakov Haim Ben Saada, a man who is an awesome presence in his family. May he heal from COVID and return to his family in full health. 

What are the proof texts for the different opinions regarding how Moshe dressed Aharon and his sons with the avnet, belt: all at once or one after the other? How could Moshe possibly have dressed them at the same time? Why does the Kohen Gadol need to be separated from his wife? What are they concerned about? Is this only according to one opinion or does it also fit in with the rabbi’s opinion about one who has relations with his wife and she later finds out she is menstruating? Can one infer from here that one who becomes impure from having relations with a menstruating woman goes to the mikveh during the day or at night? Why are we not concerned that the Kohen Gadol will become impure from a dead body? Does this connect to the debate regarding whether impurity is overridden when it comes to communal obligations or entirely nullified?

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