01. Growth Mindset Intro - Sam & Jane Harris
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The Harris family get excited


The first introduction episode to the Growth Mindset Podcast. Sam looks back at his life with his mother Jane and explores some of the main events and funny stories that cultured his growth mindset.

He comes away with some great advice for anyone to be a happier and more successful person and lays a great base for guests to come.


Jane’s Top Tips:


The practice of resilience and stepping outside your comfort zone and reduce your fear of losing everything and appreciating what you do have. She actually got this from my nan who was a crazy awesome lady and used to send her kids to the neighbours randomly just so they would be okay if for some reason the parents died which I guess is the ultimate resilience for any child. Which is a practice I haven’t really heard of this day and age.

Meditation and focus

This was a really big one for her. The practice of calming your mind and helping to find focus and peace. and from that Try not to do so many things at once so you can apply more focus to the things that are your priorities and ultimately be more successful as a whole. Remember that often less is more.

Test your ideas, the earlier the better

Don’t be afraid to start a business at uni if things go tits up your back at home with your parents . and it’s okay to play it safe and try less risky business models that aren’t going to change the world straight away but will help teach you the essentials of launching a business, you can then scale up when you have more time.

Basically, think sensibly about what fits your situation the best and then try things that fit the potential market. In general, if you’ve had dreams of running a business but it seems like such a big thing it really not that hard to just start a small side project without sacrificing everything and literally anyone can do it.

Jane’s favourite books

The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole — Age 13 and 3/4

Possibly one of my favourite and most memorable books I have ever read. All humans should read this book.

Harry Potter

It's just great. Jane recommends this highly to anyone who is looking to get into reading more

Of Mice and Men

A true classic and a beautiful if somewhat tragic read.

Try a free Audible trial of any book here

Sam’s Top tips:

Don’t forget about family!

The tail end — See this great blog about the ratio of time you spend with family as you get older.

SeeYourFolks.com — If you aren’t worried about a little cry see find out how many times you’ll see your parents before they die

Mushroom Coffee

Not as well received as expected. Even a trial pack of ten isn’t cheap. So message me on Twitter @SamHarrisTweets and I’ll send you a free sachet =]





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Special Guests: Jane Harris and Sam Harris.

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