98: Coaching your Little Inner Voice - Jason Mueller, CEO LIV, Radiohost
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Growing up, Jason was diagnosed with a neurodevelopmental disorder - tourette syndrome. Jason always had to inform his class about his condition to allow his peers and teachers to better understand where he is coming from.

Realizing that public speaking was a strong suit of his, Jason did broadcasting as a radio dj in Minnesota. Jason got married and had a family. Understanding that he needed to provide more for his family, Jason became a salesperson, selling planners to schools that talked about productivity.

At the age of 30, Jason had a freak infection that nearly killed him. The night I was rushed by ambulance to a hospital, a doctor told me, “You might die tonight”.

The biggest epiphany Jason had during his recovery was understanding the source of his problems. To Jason, It was the three aspects of his little inner voice that played a major role for him to reconsider everything in his life:

The Little Inner Bureaucrat was enforcing the rules of his life – telling him he had to be the best. He had to “win” or not play.

The Little Inner Critic was gnawing away at his confidence – making him afraid to take a chance and risk failure.

The Little Inner Ally was off hiding in the corner of his mind. Without it, he didn’t have the ambition or confidence I needed to test my limits.

Jason realized he had to bring those different pieces of my little inner voice into balance to move forward. He has used this framework to help aspiring entrepreneurs from every walk of life stop dreaming and start doing.

Jason and the Little Inner Voice (LIV)




My name is Sam Harris. I am a British entrepreneur, investor and explorer. From hitchhiking across Kazakstan to programming AI doctors I am always pushing myself in the spirit of curiosity and Growth. My background is in Biology and Psychology with a passion for improving the world and human behaviour. I have built and sold companies from an early age and love coming up with unique ways to make life more enjoyable and meaningful.



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Acknowledge Your Strengths and Accept your Weaknesses

Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses gives you a better understanding of yourself and how you function. It can be of tremendous value for your life and career. This awareness is invaluable because it will help you focus on the right things in an optimal way

Acknowledging your strengths will help you to become more resourceful during difficult moments of your life. You will be in an optimal position to take advantage of critical opportunities that only become available when you’re focused on the right kinds of things.

On the other hand, acceptingding your weaknesses will allow you to garner the necessary support you need in pivotal areas where you require most assistance. You can, therefore, turn these weaknesses into strengths by acquiring the necessary support and resources you need to accomplish your goal.

Make Every Moment Count

Don’t count the days; rather count the moments of your life. Make every moment of your life counts, to make a significant change in your life.

Our life is what we create. You also attract into your life, what you are and not some mysterious thing happening to you all the time. We never observe our life closely and thus miss to see the actual truth of life.

Life throws opportunities every now and then. For that, it’s important that you stay present at the moment. When you are present at the moment, you can see the opportunities of life and make most out of it.

It’s the present moment that brings all that you want in life.

Listen and Trust Yourself More

Think of something important in your life right now – a decision you’ve been on the fence about because you’re worried about making the wrong choice. If you listen to your inner wisdom, allow yourself to take a risk, and know that you can forgive yourself no matter what happens – the answer to the question “what should I do?” in this situation would be clearer.

Listening to your intuition is one thing. But actually trusting it to the point of acting on it, takes real courage.


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Special Guest: Jason Mueller.

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