Geeky Gay
Geeky Gay
Nov 10, 2020
Geeky Gay Episode 509
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Tuesday November 10, 2020

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MuggleCast: the Harry Potter podcast
MuggleCast: the Harry Potter podcast
Harry Potter
503: The Best and Worst of Ron Weasley
Happy Birthday, Ronald Bilius Weasley! Today we're kicking off a new monthly feature, where we’ll be hosting a main character discussion timed around their birthday. We start with Ron! One of the most underrated characters in the Wizarding World, let's get Ron's Fandom ID! We discuss our first impressions of Harry's best friend and Ron's complex about his family's socioeconomic status What were our favorite Ron moments in the books? What was his defining chapter? What were some of Ron's worst character moments? We discuss The Yule Ball Dating Lavender, and more.  In celebration of Rupert Grint, we share our favorite Ron scenes from the movies! ... But we can't forget all the great Ron moments ( that were given to Hermione in the films! What would each of the hosts get Ron for his birthday? We play two Ron-themed games: Snog, Marry, Avada Kedavra and Two Truths, One Lie! Quizzitch: What did Fred turn into a spider when Ron was three? Visit to submit your answer! This week's episode is sponsored by MDAcne (Visit to get your first month supply free!) and HelloFresh (Visit and use code 12 muggle for 12 FREE meals!) Support us on Patreon ( and receive magical benefits, like a personalized thank you video from one of the hosts and Bonus MuggleCast!
1 hr 8 min
Normal Not Normal
Normal Not Normal
James Haskell
In this episode we talk to Harry Potter fan James Haskell. Oh, and he’s also an England rugby star, reality TV contestant and podcast host.   James Haskell had a glittering rugby career before retiring from the game in 2019, but whether you’re into rugby or not James is well worth your attention.   In this episode we find out what really happened behind the scenes of that controversial season of the UK’s reality TV show ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’, how seeing a sports psychologist changed the way James checks in on his friends’ mental health and why he’s training to be a digger driver at the age of 35.    James also shares what happened when he chose the Potter films for his Mastermind quiz subject, why the films remind him of his time at boarding school and what makes wizards and witches so darn cool.   James hosts three brilliant podcasts: What a Flanker, Couples Quarantine with his wife Chloe Madeley and The Good the Bad and the Rugby alongside Mike Tindall and Alex Payne.   James’ ‘3am Questions’:   Favourite book - The Harry Potter series and Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke Favourite song - Tiny Dancer by Elton John Favourite film - Ronin starring Robert De Niro Our Sponsors: We want to thank this episode's sponsors Beer52 and Yamaha for their support. Go to and pay the postage costs of just £5.95 to get eight free craft beers, a snack and a magazine. To check out the brilliant Yamaha E700A headphones go to   We want to hear from you. If you have a brilliant 'Did You Know?' fact, a question for us, a jingle you’ve written or a voice note you want to share, get in touch! We’ll choose a few messages and include them in the audio version of the podcast every episode. You can tweet us your message using the hashtags #normalnotnormal and #didyouknow or email us at    Remember, if you’re sending us a voice note or jingle and you’re under eighteen, please get permission from your parents or guardian.   Follow us on Twitter: @OliverPhelps      @James_Phelps @jameshaskell   Normal Not Normal is a Stabl production. Produced by Alice Homewood. YouTube version edited by James and Oliver Phelps. Music: 'Not Normal' by Sebastian Forslund, 'Bobby Swing' by The Bladwerk Band and ‘Dancing with the Devil’ by Bonkers Beat Club. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
1 hr 3 min
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