The Joe Walsh Show
The Joe Walsh Show
Nov 25, 2020
11/25/20: Biden showed today why he’s the president. Trump showed today why he isn’t.
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On today's show: Biden showed today why he’s the president. Trump showed today why he isn’t. The Michael Flynn pardon is a gross, corrupt act. Stop the spread. Stay at home. Happy Thanksgiving.

Angry Americans with Paul Rieckhoff
Angry Americans with Paul Rieckhoff
Righteous Media
DISPATCH SPECIAL: Jason Dempsey. Are We Facing an American Insurgency? What Violence Is Yet To Come? Impeachment Gut Check.
Most of the American media is looking back. In this episode, we’re looking forward.  We are now truly a country at war. At war with the domestic terrorists. At war with the coronavirus. At war with a racist legacy. In 2021, America is at war with ourselves.  The Dispatches is a quick-hit series of breaking news podcasts hosted by Iraq war veteran, author and activist Paul Rieckhoff that gives you information and analysis you need to protect yourself and the people you care about. Dr. Jason Dempsey is a bad-ass warrior-scholar. A former Army infantryman with a PhD in politics. A professor, author, researcher, combat veteran and one of the country’s foremost experts on civil-military relations, Jason is West Point graduate and Adjunct Senior Fellow of the Military, Veterans, and Society Program at the Center for a New American Security (CNAS), and a powerful voice that must be heard.  He led units on the ground in Afghanistan, served inside the White House, and literally wrote the book on the modern United states military: Our Army: Soldiers, Politics, and American Civil-Military Relations. He’s also a dad, a lover of good beer and no-BS guy who pulls no punches. Jason previously joined us on Episode 76 of Angry Americans. In his last visit was in September, we broke down Trump calling troops “Losers” and “Suckers.” I asked him if the military will save us. We discussed how Generals Mattis and Kelly Were Complicit. We broke down The 19th Anniversary of 9/11. And Jason offered the best Peeps answer ever. When the news was unfolding, Jason took us behind the scenes, inside the White House and Pentagon, and deep into our history as Americans. He’s back to do it again.  The war is on. This is your update. This is The Dispatches. The Dispatches is powered by Righteous Media. See video of this conversation with Jason Dempsey and a range of music, political, business and media players from Chuck D to Jeffrey Wright to Medal of Honor Recipient Flo Groberg to Sarah Jessica Parker to Stephen Colbert to Meghan McCain to Mayor Pete Buttigieg on the Righteous Media YouTube page. It’s political, social and industry diversity like no other show in America.  If you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention. Righteous Media is your trusted, independent source for news, politics, culture and inspiration. It’s a smart, fun and no-BS perspective like nowhere else in the media.  Join us for an exclusive Righteous Media events and activities by becoming a member of the Angry Americans Patreon community. You’ll get unique access to our amazing guests, our dynamic host, merch discounts, and exclusive content. Angry Americans and The Dispatches are possible thanks to our Patreon supporters, Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey and Tommy John.  Find us on social and go deeper:  Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: And YouTube: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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The Professional Left Podcast with Driftglass and Blue Gal
The Professional Left Podcast with Driftglass and Blue Gal
Driftglass and Blue Gal
Ep 581: The Last Trump Admin Podcast
We're postponing the 11th Anniversary of this podcast party because there's just too much serious news going on.  But Trump is over by the next show. More at! Support the show ( REVIEW US ON APPLE PODCASTS - SUPPORT OUR SHOW - BUY PROLEFTPOD MERCH - *CONTACT US:* *MAILING ADDRESS - Make checks payable to: * *The Professional Left Podcast* PO Box 9133 Springfield IL 62791-9133 *EMAIL ADDRESSES* Podcast Email: Email for Sci-Fi Trivia Questions: *SUPPORT OUR WORK:* PayPal: GoFundMe: Patreon: Buy Us A Coffee: Shop Our Merch Store: Link To All the Ways You Can Support Us: *SOCIAL & MEDIA: YouTube: ** Twitter:* @ProLeftPodcast - Driftglass (@Mr_Electrico) - @BlueGal - *Facebook:* ProLeftPodcast - BlueGal.Fran - Internet Kitty of The Week - *Original Flickr IKOTW Gallery *- *Blogs:* Driftglass' - Blue Gal's - Fran's - *Podcast Archive: * *Podcast RSS Feed: * Bye Donald, Twitter, Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, insurrection, insurgency, The Last Confederate Monument, MAGA Sedition riot, Trump Coup, Mike Pence, Capitol attack, Capitol siege, politics, progressive, #GOP, media, Donald Trump, Democratic Congress, #TheLeftRemembers, #BothSidesDont, #BurnTheLifeboats, #CornfieldResistance, #GoPostalUnions, funny liberal podcast, funny progressive podcast, best liberal podcast, best progressive podcast Support the show ( Support the show (
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The Takeaway
The Takeaway
GBH, PRX, WNYC Studios
Politics with Amy Walter: What Happens to President Trump's Grip on the GOP Following Two Impeachments?
President Trump was impeached by the House of Representatives just one week after encouraging his supporters to attack the U.S. Capitol and disrupt Congress as they tallied Joe Biden’s Electoral College win. He is the first president to be impeached twice. Privately, many Republican members said that while they supported impeachment, they were worried about their physical safety and the political fallout from denouncing a president who remains popular among the base. Only ten Republicans joined House Democrats in voting to impeach. President Trump’s ban from Twitter means that for the first time in four years, Washington is unaware of how he’s processing the current news cycle and the end of his term. With President-elect Joe Biden days away from assuming the presidency, he’s preparing to tackle the dual crises of COVID-19 and an economic downturn. How quickly the Senate moves to take up impeachment will have a direct impact on how efficiently the Biden administration is able to move through their agenda. Annie Linskey, a national political reporter at The Washington Post, Anita Kumar, White House correspondent for POLITICO, and Sarah Wire, congressional reporter at The Los Angeles Times, share what the mood is like in the West Wing and what happens to President Trump’s grip on the Republican Party after he leaves office. Throughout his time in office, Donald Trump's actions have raised many questions about the presidency. Particularly, since he broke with America’s proud tradition of a peaceful transfer of power when his supporters attacked the Capitol. Today, a militarized Washington, D.C. stands prepared to address growing security concerns ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration. Barbara Perry, director of presidential studies at the University of Virginia Miller Center, puts Donald Trump’s presidency into context and expands on how he changed the presidency, for better or worse. Also, the insurrection has highlighted the role social media platforms have in the dissemination of conspiracy theories and lies. Many of those who participated in the violent attack were involved in conversations on Twitter and Facebook that falsely claimed that the election had been stolen from President Trump. While Trump has been banned from several platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, the lies and rhetoric he shared with his followers has not disappeared. Darrell West, senior fellow at the Center for Technology Innovation at The Brookings Institution, and Kevin Roose, technology columnist at The New York Times, describe how individuals become radicalized online and where they go when they’ve been deplatformed.
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