The Game Design Round Table
#114: Back to the Mail Bag
Jan 13, 2015 · 1 hr
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Dirk, David, and Rob are back to answer more of your questions! This week’s questions cover digital integration, international design decisions, and the role of 3D printing.-----------------------------------------------------------------Contact Information Dirk Knemeyer - @DKnemeyer,, David Heron - @DavidVHeron Rob Daviau -@RobDaviauGamer, Outline 0:00:52 - How do you feel about apps integrated with board games? 0:19:50 - What possibilities would you like to see in those games? 0:22:33 - Will this lead to un-playtested games? 0:29:08 - What about a hybrid microgame? 0:33:44 - What roles will exist for people with international experience? 0:42:18 - Do you think game companies will become more global? 0:43:45 - What impact do you think 3D printing will have on tabletop? 0:49:44 - How have you seen asymmetry done in games?
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