#243 Rob Daviau Minimizes Ongoing Negative Effects
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Rob Daviau returns to the show to talk with Dirk and David about his design axiom: minimize ongoing negative effects for players to remember. They discuss why party games and heavier games might get away with these ongoing negative effects while other games get bogged down by them. Rob mostly uses his own work as examples, discussing Mountains of Madness, Betrayal Legacy, and Seafall.
Gil Hova and Emma Larkins
Ludology 236 - Role With It
Emma and Gil welcome Sen-Foong Lim back to the show to discuss the differences—and similarities—between board games and roleplaying games. We go through the perspectives of playing them, designing them, and examining the culture of play between both. Sen originally appeared on Ludology 134: There's No "I" in Team with frequent co-designer Jay Cormier. SHOW NOTES 0m41s: Board games Sen has designed or co-designed: Junk Art, Belfort, D&D: Rock Paper Wizard. RPGs Sen has designed, co-designed, or written for: Jiang-Shi: Blood in the Banquet Hall, Kids on Bikes, The Curse of the House of Rookwood, North Sea Epilogues 3m39s: If the comparison between RPG and improv intrigues you, wait till you hear Ludology 237... 4m47s: An example of a crunchy old-school RPG: Traveller 5m10s: Chainmail was the game that D&D evolved from. 5m20s: While Gil agrees with Sen that encumbrance as implemented by a game like D&D tends to bog down gameplay, a nice counter-example is Torchbearer, a dungeon-crawling TTRPG in which encumbrance is a central mechanism. 7m44s: You can see one Emma's chats with Peter Adkison (who founded Wizards of the Coast and owns Gen Con) here. 11m34s: Sen is currently watching Black Sails. 12m31s: RPGs where your character is likely to die: Fiasco, Paranoia 17m55s: The RPG Masks: A New Generation. 19m14s: Gil and Sen's friend and beloved loudmouth Errol Elumir. 19m40s: This is literally Errol's first rule of escape room puzzle design. 20m36s: Critical Role (with GM Matt Mercer) is the most popular of the vibrant active play scene. 21m46s: The party game Cranium. 22m25s: Save Against Fear, a convention about gaming in therapy. 23m01s: Roll20 is an online platform for playing RPGs, as is Role. Tabletop Simulator can handle crunchy RPGs like D&D as well. 28m21s: Formula D (née Formula Dé) 30m00s: We had Mike Selinker on the show for Ludology 189: Missing Selinker. 31m13s: Sen's favorite D&D module, Expedition to the Barrier Peaks 31m30s: Star Frontiers 33m05s: You can hear more from Jiang-Shi co-designer Banana Chan on Ludology 228: The Roles We Play. 35m51s: Emma's storytelling games ...And Then We Died (...And Then We Held Hands is a different game) 45m02s: "Jay" is Jay Cormier, Sen's frequent collaborator. "Jesse" is game designer Jesse Wright. 45m30s: Jay and Sen's tabletop escape game Scooby Doo: Escape from the Haunted Mansion. 47m20s: The TV show Bob's Burgers. 48m50s: Itch is an online platform for digital games, but has a lot of downloadable PDFs for tabletop games. DriveThruRPG offers PDFs and PODs of many RPGs. 50m12s: RPGs that Emma mentions: Burning Wheel, Paranoia, FATE Core System, Ryuutama, Over the Edge. 51m58s: For more about safety tools in RPGs, check out Ludology 227: Respect the X. 53m04s: You can access all these tools via the TTRPG Safety Kit. 56m05s: Gil's board game safety tool Check-In Cards. 1h07m06s: Board games that allow for relaxed conversation: Sagrada, Lotus. 1h08m27s: More about the semiotic function. 1h09m57s: Sen mentions psychologist Lev Vygotsky. 1h10m30s: Emma is a Mythic-tier Magic player! 1h11m55s: More info about the D&D Adventurers League. 1h14m13s: Jay and Graeme's game In the Hall of the Mountain King. Jay also created the Fail Faster playtesting notebook. 1h19m31s: Sen's web series, the Meeple Syrup Show, with Jessey Wright and Erica Hayes-Bouyouris. 1h20m59s: Sen's licensed games: Batman: The Animated Series - Rogues Gallery, Legend of Korra: Pro-Bending Arena, and the Scooby Doo and D&D games mentioned above. 1h22m01s: The manga and anime My Hero Academia. 1h23m08s: Follow Sen on Twitter!
1 hr 25 min
So Very Wrong About Games
So Very Wrong About Games
Mike Walker & Mark Bigney
#140: Reckoning with War
In honour of Arkhipov Day (October 27th--he saved your life or that of your forebears, he deserves a day), we turn to reflections of how games model war. Even themeless euros often include war as a convenient backdrop for the processing of cubes, so it is hardly restricted to one genre of gaming or another. That said, gaming is not unique--pretty much any medium can boast of a plethora of war narratives. 01:17 AYURIS: HATE (Raphaël Guiton, Jean-Baptiste Lullien, Alexandru Olteanu, & Nicolas Raoult, CMON, 2019) Games Played Last Week: 04:41 -Darkest Night (Second Edition) (Jeremy Lennert, Victory Point Games, 2018) 10:40 -Quantum (Eric Zimmerman, Funforge, 2013) 14:58 -7 Wonders Duel (Antoine Bauza & Bruno Cathala, Repos Production, 2015) 15:58 -Lucky Numbers (Michael Schacht, Ravensburger, 2012) 16:47 -Keyflower (Sebastian Bleasdale & Richard Breese, R&D Games, 2012) 17:03 -The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine (Thomas Sing, KOSMOS, 2019) 17:58 -For What Remains (Paul Low, David Thompson, & Ricardo Manuel Luis Tomas, DVG, 2020) 22:27 -Black Rose Wars (Marco Montanaro, Ludus Magnus Studio, 2019) 28:05 -Horizon Wars: Zero Dark (Robey Jenkins, Self-published, 2020) 31:53 -Underwater Cities (Vladimír Suchý, Rio Grande Games, 2018) News (and why it doesn't matter): 39:35 Finishing Time not ready for prime time 41:32 Patreon: sign up for a year and get two months free 42:24 October 27th is Arkhipov Day 42:29 Topic: Reckoning with War
1 hr 6 min
Mythos Busters
Mythos Busters
Sean, Ian, Tom, Scott & Nick
Mythos Busters Ep. 092: Zappy Boi
Today, Sean, Ian, Scott, Nick, and friend of the show Casey sit down and discuss preparing for THE CIRCLE UNDONE IRONMAN! Reminder to check out https://aurbits.com/listing/868834177/mythos-busters-clue-doom-for-arkham and use discount code MYTHOSBUSTERSDIRECT to save 10%! Ironman 2020 What is Ironman, you ask? Well, check out this link to learn more! https://mythosbusters.com/arkham-horror-ironman/ Friday, October 23rd Mythos Busters TCU Prologue stream at 7pm CST (http://twitch.tv/mythosbusters/) Following the Prologue stream will be a Drawing of the Weaknesses stream. Sign up at https://mythosbusters.com/arkham-horror-ironman/ to participate! Saturday, October 24th Mythos Busters IRONMAN Stream event begins at 10am CST (http://twitch.tv/mythosbusters/) There is Ironman 2020 merch available from http://mythosmerch.com/ And check out the Farkham Discord Server, now with dedicated Ironman channels! https://discord.gg/SuNCxR8 Patrons Thanks to our board members: Chris B., Chris H., Chris M., Morten, Jarrod, Ian, Kyle, Phillip, Dave, Abilio, Nathan, Chad, Robert. Special shout-out to random patron is… Eb Crampley! Don’t forget to check out mythosmerch.com for all of your Mythos Busters swag! https://mythosmerch.com/ now has Mythos Busters masks! Pick yours up today and stay safe! News & Community War of the Outer Gods - https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2020/10/1/war-of-the-outer-gods/ Get The Episode This episode and much more available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, and all other apps that can connect to an RSS feed. Connect With Us Visit our website (www.mythosbusters.com) and our merch store (www.mythosmerch.com - also accessible from our main website). Join us on Discord! We have a Patreon! If you like what you’re hearing and would like to help us keep our investigation of the Mythos rolling, please consider becoming a patron. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Subscribe to us on YouTube and Twitch! Email us at Mythosbusterspod@gmail.com Call us and leave a message on the Mythos Busters Hotline at 203-493-MYTH (6984). Acknowledgements Special thanks to Andre Fairweather and Heidi Blair.
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