The Game Design Round Table
#179: Elizabeth LaPensée; indigenous self-determination in game development.
Sep 21, 2017 · 37 min
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Description In this episode, Elizabeth LaPensée joins Kathryn and Dirk and they discuss indigenous self-determination in game development and how a destructive pattern of colonialism is being addressed. --------------------- Elizabeth LaPensée -, Kathryn Hymes - @chicalashaw, Dirk Knemeyer - @DKnemeyer,, --------------------- Episode Outline 0:11 Welcome Elizabeth - Background 1:35 Elizabeth's voice and perspective as a game designer 3:07 Themes of culture; How does this impact Elizabeth's making of games 7:46 In the game Invaders, can a player win? Or is it inevitable that they will die? 9:09 How do Grandmother-mechanics fit into a game like Invaders with indigenous game mechanics? 11:42 Is there a larger message that is being told with these games? 12:36 Why might the holocaust in WWII Europe be see differently than the holocaust that was perpetuated on the native American peoples? 17:45 While there a lot of patterns of colonialism in games today, are there any positive themes to be found? 19:15 Serious Games - What is this about? 22:59 Game development as a form of self determination 27:52 Will games of assassination be seen in the future as smoking on planes is seen today?
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