What's included with Kubernetes?
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Show Overview: Brian and Tyler talk about the technologies in “core” Kubernetes and the additional elements needed to evolve it into a more complete application platform.
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Topics 1 - What's included in Kubernetes (by default)?
We’ve seen quite a bit of survey data recently that shows usage of Kubernetes is growing quite rapidly. If somebody says they are “using Kubernetes”, by default, what functionality do they have available to them?

Topic 2 -  What core “platform” elements aren’t included with Kubernetes?

  • Container Runtime (e.g. docker, rkt, oci)
  • Container Registry
  • Advanced Networking
  • Persistent Storage
  • Monitoring, Logging
  • Backup tools for Kubernetes or the applications running in Pods.

Topic 3 - What are some of the standard ways to plug in those pieces?

  • Container Runtime - CRI (Container Runtime Interface)
  • Registry - Many 3rd-party options
  • Networking - CNI (Container Network Interface) 
  • Storage - CSI (Container Storage Interface)
  • Logging / Monitoring - Sidecar Containers

Topic 4 - What does a company get with a "distribution" vs. "platform" vs. "public cloud service"?

  • Tectonic (example)
  • OpenShift (example)
  • Google Container Engine (example)

Question of the Week:

Q: What is "pure" Kubernetes?


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