Making Sense of Container Standards
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Show Description: Brian and Tyler talk with Vincent Batts (@vbatts, Principle Software Engineer in the Office of Technology for Container Architecture at Red Hat) about the state of container standards - OCI, containerd, Moby, Linux vs. Windows containers, etc.

Show Notes:

 Segment 1 - News of the Week

Segment 2 - An Interview with Vincent Batts

  • Topic 1 - Welcome to the show Vincent. Tell us what types of things you work on in the container community.
  • Topic 2 - 2yrs ago, there was docker and rkt arguing about container standards, and the OCI emerged. Can you give us an update on where container standards are today? 
  • Topic 3 - What is this new concept called CRI-O, and how does it relate to Kubernetes? 
  • Topic 4 - Containers always used to be Linux-specific, but we’re starting to hear more noise around Windows containers. Is this Microsoft specific, or are standards groups working on this too?

Segment 3 - Question(s) of the Week


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