The Jazz Hole
May 24, 2020 · 1 hr
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"Today’s episode of The Jazz Hole with Linus highlights some avant-garde and free improvisation projects. It begins with two selections from “Rarefied Air”, an album by an electro-acoustic trio of unique improvisers, consisting of electronic artist Edwin Huet, bassist Alex Fournier and percussionist Mike Kuhl. The show then goes on with selections from trumpeter and composer Lina Allemano’s two new albums “Rats and Mice” (with Lina Allemano’s Ohrenschmaus) and “Glimmer Glammer” (her solo trumpet album) and finally concludes with two lengthy tracks from “Entity”, pianist and composer Satoko Fujii’s 11th album with her Satoko Fujii Orchestra New York. Huet//Fournier//Kuhl – “Conjuration” & “Xiode” Album: Rarefied Air Edwin Huet (electronics, live processing), Alex Fournier (b) and Mike Kuhl (d, perc) Lina Allemano’s Ohrenschmaus - Year of the Eye Album: Rats and Mice Lina Allemano (tp), Dan Peter Sundland (e-b) and Michael Griener (d) Lina Allemano - Clamour Album: Glimmer Glammer Lina Allemano (tp, mutes & materials) - In memory of Justin Haynes (1973-2019) Satoko Fujii Orchestra New York - “Entity” & “Flashback” Album: Entity Satoko Fujii (dir, comp), Oscar Noriega, Briggan Krauss (as), Ellery Eskelin, Tony Malaby (ts), Andy Laster (bs), Natsuki Tamura, Herb Robertson, Dave Ballou (tp), Curtis Hasselbring, Joe Fiedler (tb), Nels Cline (g), Stomu Takeishi (b) and Ches Smith (d) 00:00 - The Jazz Hole with Linus 01:51 - Xiode - Huet//Fournier//Kuhl 07:12 - Conjuration - Huet//Fournier//Kuhl 17:58 - The Jazz Hole with Linus 20:41 - Year of the Eye - Lina Allemano’s Ohrenschmaus 25:28 - Clamour - Lina Allemano 29:54 - The Jazz Hole with Linus 32:43 - Entity - Satoko Fujii Orchestra New York 45:22 - The Jazz Hole with Linus 46:26 - Flashback - Satoko Fujii Orchestra New York 59:43 - Finish "
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