How to reinvent yourself? EP:04
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As any transformation I always believe that in order to solve an issue, solve a problem, find a remedy for a financial, personal or health issue you need to dig the roots meaning you need to really go deep to find the roots of the situation and not only treat the symptoms.  If you just treat the symptoms they will come back sooner or later with a vengeanceThe root of getting stuck is:Living in the past: Where the old patterns and habits that you conditioned your mind with a lot of limitation takes over your lifeKeep looking ONLY at the future: Being always worried, anxious or even fearful of what the future holds or what can happen.  We have a saying ”When you keep just looking forward you miss the pothole right in front of you”Not living in the present: Your awareness leaves the present moment and wonder in the catastrophes of the past making it a benchmark for future events so you start worrying about the futureTo start getting unstuck, you need to start living in the present or in the moment to release the anxiety, frustration and blockagesThe present moment never stops, it is where life is happening now, where you make the choices that matter, when your attention u distracted you can’t think or bring new solutions to the surfaceWhen you feel drawn to the past or to the future you need to push the RESET button, just sit quiet for a minute, close your eyes and start being aware of your breathing
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