What is Nutritional Ketosis. How to measure. New Technology with Jim Howard
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What is Nutritional Ketosis?

Why Ketosis Matters How to monitor nutritional ketosis How to get a discount!


The ketogenic diet is one of the most effective ways to increase metabolism, burn fat, curb appetite, loose weight, increase energy, and increase mental focus.

It is a high-fat, moderate-protein, low-carb way of eating low-carb food plan.

The body can run on two fuels. 

Sugar (from foods like sugars, grains, bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, processed food—the Standard American Diet).


Fat (from foods like eggs, meat, fish, olive oil, butter, avocados, nuts).

Find out the best way to monitor your state of nutritional ketosis, without the pain and expense of blood ketone monitors.

 Learn More: https://getbetterwellness.com/ketosis/
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