Top 10 Law of Attraction Tips To Manifest Anything
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These top 10 Law of Attraction tips will boost your manifest fast. You manifest anything you desire when you shift your vibration with these tips. Robert Zink reveals the secret of how he shifted his vibration to make more money. You can manifest when you use the right techniques and knowledge.


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Be Positive Stay Positive Podcast
Be Positive Stay Positive Podcast
Nat Barouch
High School Games From People At Work
A young listener is troubled by fellow employees are insincere and playing "games". I offer a few solutions to deal with the situation. Keep your thoughts on target with your goals and dreams and do not let others tamper with them at all. Stay on your defined path towards your goal and let no one derail you. If you’re enjoying the show, it’s safe to assume there are others out there like you who would also enjoy the show. Help them find it. Please share this podcast and maybe the person you share it with will overcome that one thing in life they were struggling with. Theme Music by: Robert Schultz • • Schultz Music Publications Check out the Be Positive Stay Positive merchandise. All profits from merchandise go to the book and to maintain the equipment used to produce this show. Please tell me your story. Go to and tell me all about it. I'll discuss it on an upcoming podcast and give you a shout-out on the air. iTunes - Spotify - iHeart - Pandora - Podomatic - Google Play - TuneIn - Stitcher - Player FM - Podbean - Castbox - Podtail - Listen Notes - Chartable - Radio UK - Feedspot - Website - YouTube -" Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Linkedin - #bepositive #positivity #LawOfAttraction #subconsciousmind #self-improvement #infiniteintelligence
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Affirmation Pod
Affirmation Pod
Josie Ong Affirmations
297 Spinning Your Wheels and Not Getting Anywhere
Not Reaching Your Goals? If you're feeling like everything you do isn't getting you where you want to be professionally or personally, listen to these Affirmations When You're "Spinning Your Wheels and Not Getting Anywhere" The sister episode to this one is Episode 159 Motivation for a New Beginning To get ad free versions, go to SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT If you're feeling something's not right, Plushcare provides virtual primary care and mental health treatment on your smartphone or computer. You can book a same-day appointment any day of the week. Start your FREE 30-day trial at WANT MORE EPISODES LIKE THIS ONE? Episode 200 200 Affirmations for Your Sweetest and Best Life Episode 183 Hope in the Future Episode 182 Accepting Compliments and Positive Statements Episode 138 When Things are Good Episode 130 Believing in Yourself and Not Giving Up HERE'S WHAT LISTENERS ARE SAYING "Josie changed my life! Love these affirmations so much. They made me more positive and less reactive." - Ferra Rossa “I listen to these while I'm brushing my teeth or getting a facial. She always drops some nuggets” – Gabrielle Union "To be successful, you need a confident mindset. So much of my confidence comes from listening to Josie's affirmations!" - Vivianne Brafmann LOOKING FOR POSITIVITY, RELIEF AND CONFIDENCE? Get ad free versions on the Affirmation Pod App! They're available for premium access members on the Apple and Google Play app. The app is where you can easily make your own favorites playlist, download to listen offline and a whole lot more! When you sign up for premium access, you also get over 50 bonus ad free episodes you won’t hear on the podcast. Listen on the App! Available on Apple and Google Play FAVORITE BONUS EPISODES INCLUDE When You've Put Aside Self-Respect in Relationships I Forgive Myself for Hating my Body Keeping Boundaries Sleep Playlist I Live in Abundance Receiving Abundance Playlist I Made the Right Choice Crazy is Not My Life Waking Up Playlist Sitting Meditation LISTEN ON THE APP TODAY! Download on Apple app store Download on Google Play app store RELATED LINKS Alexa Skill: Amazon App: Amazon Music: App: App FAQs: Contact: Facebook Group: Facebook Page: Google Play App: Instagram: iOS App: Kids Version: Patreon: Pinterest: Portuguese Version: Premium on Affirmation Pod App: Premium on Podcast Listening Apps*: Request an Episode: Self-Care Worksheet: Sponsors: Spotify Playlists: Stress Management Worksheet: Supercast Tip Jar: Twitter: YouTube: Web Version of App: Website: Thanks for listening to Affirmation Pod!! How can I improve Affirmation Pod for you? Let me know at Sending love and strength! Josie ❤️❤️❤️ Here's the app on Apple and Google Play
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Positive Affirmations and Audio Stories
Positive Affirmations and Audio Stories
Stefania Lintonbon
Happy Thoughts - Coping With Loneliness – 6 Tips Towards Better Health
Happy Thoughts - Coping With Loneliness – 6 Tips Towards Better Health Today let's talk about loneliness - the feeling of being alone whether you're in a crowd or whether you're just by yourself. It's quite common, especially now with the lockdown, then social isolation, and social distancing rules. It's easy to fall into it. There's a difference between alone and being lonely. If you're alone you're fairly content with your own company. But if you're lonely you feel like something is missing. You may feel isolated in yourself. You may feel sad, but you don't know why. Your life might be, to all appearances, going splendidly, but in your heart, you feel like something's missing and you don't know how to find it. We have a few suggestions that might be useful. Have a listen. Music from Freesound. Coffee fuels us up…. donations keep us going. Please pop over to Ko-fi for a coffee donation if you’d like to financially support our work. Thanks! This podcast is available on Spreaker, iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcast, Amazon, iHeartRadio and most podcast platforms, plus apps. If you like what you hear, please feel free to leave a review on your site of choice. You can find the whole list here to search for your favourite podcast site: You can also find us here: Visit my bandcamp page where you can purchase affirmations, meditations and stories..Helping you live the positive lifestyle that you deserve.
13 min
Go Help Yourself: A Comedy Self-help Podcast to Make Life Suck Less
Go Help Yourself: A Comedy Self-help Podcast to Make Life Suck Less
Misty Stinnett & Lisa Linke
Special Guest Caroline Giuliani
This week, Lisa and Misty are joined by special guest Caroline Giuliani, who offers advice about how to navigate difficult conversations around politics. Her father, Rudy Giuliani, is President Trump's Lawyer -- and she is an open supporter of the Democrats. After this episode was recorded, Caroline published an article in Vanity Fair called "Rudy Giuliani Is My Father. Please, Everyone, Vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris." Read it here. Caroline is a Los Angeles-based filmmaker originally from New York City. After working in a wide range of entertainment industry positions from representation to studio development and production, she now focuses on directing full time. With a passion for creating bold content, her work is aimed primarily at reducing the shame and stigma associated with mental health and sexuality. Her latest film, Or (Someone) Else, is a psychological thriller about a woman struggling to break free from an abusive relationship and the powerful mental health ramifications of her repressed anger. It stars Emily Althaus (Orange is the New Black, The Handmaid's Tale) & Peter Vack (Love Life, Someone Great, The Bold Type) and was produced by a largely-female crew (more than 50%), including the Director of Photography, producer, and editor, among many other positions. You can watch the promo of the film here. If you'd like to learn more about Caroline, you can follow her on Instagram, on Twitter, or at her website here. If you'd like to learn more about Healing Tree, the non-profit Caroline supports, you can do that here. To support the Biden/Harris campaign, click right here. Please visit to make sure you are registered to vote, get election reminders, request an absentee ballot, or find your polling place. You can follow Lisa on Instagram here. You can follow Misty on Instagram here. You can follow GHY on Instagram here and on Twitter here. As always, please rate, review, and subscribe to Go Help Yourself.
36 min
Positive Mindset for Entrepreneurs from The Mind Aware
Positive Mindset for Entrepreneurs from The Mind Aware
Dana Wilde
Who: Dana Wilde - Bestselling Author of Train Your Brain, Creator of The Celebrity Formula, and Host of Positive Mindset for Entrepreneur What This Show is About: What Can I Do to Make Money Online? (Part 02) This is part two. A listener wants to know how to make money online. In part one, Dana discussed how to choose the business topic. In this episode, Dana reveals how to monetize that passion! Dana Wilde, the #1 bestselling author of Train Your Brain, delivers motivation, marketing ideas, and business tips designed to breakthrough your limiting beliefs, and manifest freedom and success in your business. Dana Wilde goes beyond positive thinking and the Law of Attraction. This podcast is the ultimate in Entrepreneur Mindset. Click here to ask Dana: Please check out our episode notes below... 03:33 - Step ONE to monetize your passion (this relates to FREE advice). 05:20 - Tune in here to learn about a SHORT-CUT to picking the ONE way to share your free advice. 05:45 - Step TWO to monetize your passion (this relates to RESEARCHING). 06:50 - Find out what is involved with a LEAD MAGNET and how to build your EMAIL LIST. 08:20 - Step THREE to monetize your passion (this relates to SELLING). 10:18 - BONUS Tip to monetize your passion (this relates to BRAIN TRAINING). 11:20 - Positive RANT on monetizing your passion. Resource from this Episode CLICK HERE for Part 01 on Making Money Online CLICK HERE for the Marketing Superpower Quiz Where to Learn More:
14 min
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