e050 - COVID Compassion Project - Declutter Your Life with Krista Lockwood
Play • 36 min
We are back, Mamas and we are back with a special series of episodes dedicated to helping you thrive during this global pause. It's been almost a month since we have been wearing all the hats, full-dang-time! Welcome to the next six weeks otherwise known as the COVID Compassion Project where we do a deep dive into "how" to juggle life and motherhood during these difficult times. Our first episode features Krista Lockwood, a decluttering specialist who teaches and empowers moms to create a minimalistic lifestyle so they can shift the focus off of the stuff in their home and onto the people inside it. Currently, as a global collective we have been thrust into a new normal which involves homeschooling, parenting, working - all in the same environment, day in and day out. Virtual hangouts and conferences, physical distancing (for now), and of course the very real grocery store lineups outside, and the TP shortage (or should we say TP mindset?) We have been forced to adapt, evolve, and shift the way we live our life, and Mamas, we at YGTMama are leaning in full force. And when you really think about it, as mamas, we are built for this. We are equipped for pivoting on the fly! Krista and her family of five moved cross country from Alaska to Florida with nothing else but 3 suitcases that held all of their family belongings. It was this move that jumpstarted her love for minimalism and decluttering. The more she decluttered, the simpler her life became. She regained control of her time, energy, and wellbeing. Her family spent more time together with each other versus constantly fielding all of the things strewn across the house. Sabrina and Krista discuss the energetics behind having a cluttered home and a cluttered life and mind. True story, Mamas, while we cannot control the overflow of laundry, we can certainly spend some moments each day releasing the stuff we no longer need. And there is no perfect time than the present to do so. To get clarity on what you have, how much you have, and why you continue to hang onto it. In a time where many of us are hoarding things, emotions, and anything else out of safety, ask yourself how you can evaluate everything with a discerning eye and release it with kindness and gratitude. Trust that you have more than enough and that you will continue to be supported. Consider this time as a cocoon and mama metamorphosis. Start laying the groundwork for what you want your life to feel like and how you want to feel once this situation resolves itself. Choose to show up for yourself and get started one outfit, one room, and one piece of furniture at a time. These projects do not need to be massive, nobody expects you to declutter like a Love it or List it marathoner. They can be a small-one-shelf-or-drawer a day project. Before you know it, you will feel so much lighter mentally and emotionally. Choose to simplify your life and trust that you will always have exactly what you need to carry you through! Love yourself through this chaos and truly lean into what will give you room to breathe, 'cause Mama you've totally got this! To learn more about Krista and her work, or to connect with her, reach out to her on her social media platforms listed below. Website (http://motherhoodsimplified.com/) Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/monasharma/?hl=en) Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/MonaSharmaWellness/)
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