e013-Happy Mama, Healthy Mama – with Mona Sharma and Tara Butterwick
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Today we are talking all things health, wellness, and body image. Between You’ve Got This, Healthy Mama in the submission phase and all of the content that is flying around out there, there is an amazing number of mamas who are experts on this topic. We are excited to have Mona Sharma and Tara Butterwick here with us to discuss all things mindset, health, and wellness. Mona is a mama x2, Holistic Nutritionist, yoga instructor, and Meditation/Wellness Coach. Her passion is to help her clients discover their unique path to feeling healthy, energized and beautiful; both inside and out. After leaving her high-powered, high-stress, corporate role in the luxury beauty industry, she turned her attention to her healing. She recovered from two heart surgeries, chronic anxiety, and long-term hormone imbalance and quickly discovered that she was in control of how she could feel and heal her body. Her global clientele includes CEO’s, professional athletes and celebrities, working with each of them to optimize their fitness, health and overall well being.       Tara is a certified personal trainer and mama motivator helping thousands of women embrace postpartum fitness through her popular blog and well-known alias TopKnot Mommy. She focuses on positive living, allowing mamas to be fit healthy and real. She’s changed the game of “post-baby body” image and continues to inspire and motivate women all over Canada and the US. She is also an upcoming contributor in You’ve Got This, Healthy Mama and mama to two littles. When it comes to postpartum health and wellness, everything comes down to mental health and mindset. Mona takes us through the direct correlation between your mindset and the thoughts that you have and the impact that it has on your body and your cells. As she points out, there is very little talk about it. As women when we go into pregnancy, we are very aware of the risk of postpartum depression. After doing some research, Mona found out that postpartum depression can last up to seven years after birth. This is something that is not widely publicized and can affect so many mamas. She recommends taking a global look at how you are feeling, how are you fuelling your mind and your body? She advises to put warm, soothing food in your body and steer clear of packaged goods; this will help at a cellular level. From a mindset standpoint, gratitude is so important. Mona acknowledges that it has been very popular on social media (#gratitude) and almost overused term, but she challenges are we stopping and embracing what gratitude is? Here is an exercise she uses: Every morning when you wake up, go through the ‘movie reel’ in your head of what you are grateful for. It doesn’t have to be about the ‘things’, it can be about the feelings you have, the enjoyment you get from drinking your morning coffee, the sun coming up, it being warm outside, the people you are going to see that day, the new underwear you have that might make you feel sexy, whatever it is...the simple things that put you in a state of gratitude. She guarantees that these are the things that will change your state, and when you can change your state right from waking up in the morning, that’s going to impact the rest of your day. Another practice she uses is throwing on her favorite song that makes her feel happy in the morning while cooking breakfast or going to work out. She guarantees that if you do this, change your state from the get-go, you will be amazed at the difference in your day. She assures that it will not only affect you but your family as well. As a mom, we have these expectations of ourselves, we are always chasing the: ‘I’ll work out next week’ or ‘I’ll start the diet tomorrow.’ The ladies discuss that it does not always have to be a big 2-hour workout ordeal, it can be a walk here or 20 minutes of strength training ther...
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