Bone Talk
Bone Talk
Mar 14, 2022
The Whole Body Reset with Stephen Perrine and Heidi Skolnik

Episode 36: The Whole Body Reset with Stephen Perrine and Heidi Skolnik

On this episode of Bone Talk, BHOF CEO Claire Gill is joined by Stephen Perrine and Heidi Skolnik to discuss their new book, The Whole Body Reset: Your Weight-Loss Plan for a Flat Belly, Optimum Health, and a Body You'll Love at Midlife and Beyond.

Stephen and Heidi explain that we don’t have to gain weight as we age and describe how this science-based, tested, and proven weight-management plan, developed by AARP, can help stop – and even reverse – weight gain.

Hear new evidence about the power of protein timing for people at midlife. This research busts the myth of a slowing metabolism and the inevitable weight gain we’ve been told to expect. It’s not just calories in and calories out. Getting the right type of calories can make a big difference. 

Starting in our 30s, we begin to lose muscle. That’s one of the factors that contribute to weight gain. We develop anabolic resistance which makes it harder for our bodies to create muscle from the protein we eat. Learn about how changing the way you consume your protein can help offset the muscle loss. It’s about both dose (how much protein) and timing (when we eat our protein) that makes a difference. 

Simple changes you can make now: 

  • Get enough protein at breakfast (and other times during the day)

  • Stop dieting and restricting calories; aim for balance

  • Be mindful of fiber in your daily meal plan

  • Include fruits and vegetables in your meals as well

What role does exercise play in healthy muscle? 

Nutrition is important at all stages of life, as is exercise. As we age, Heidi explains how resistance training is key for healthy bones and maintaining muscle. A focus on strength training can benefit us now and in the future.

We know that strong muscles support strong bones. Follow the recommendations discussed in this episode for an easier way to eat and exercise your way to both. 

Stephen Perrine is the Founding Editor in Chief of The Arrow, a newsletter aimed at GenX men. He is also the author and coauthor of more than 20 international best-sellers including the Eat This, Not That! series. As executive editor for AARP the Magazine and the AARP Bulletin, he oversees health and wellness coverage reaching more than 38 million readers.

Heidi Skolnik is a national nutrition expert and former BHOF board member. Her company, Nutrition Conditioning, oversees the Performance Nutrition Program at The Juilliard School and the School of American Ballet and she has been a part of the Women Sports Medicine Center at Hospital for Special Surgery for over 20 years.


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