Aug 1, 2021
Interview with Erik Bullen, Startup Advisor, Early Stage Investor, COO, Board Member
Play • 55 min

00:00 Intro - Erik Bullen discusses importance of execution and self awareness for Founders/CEOs

4:47-9:52 Erik Bullen's background and journey to VC and the corporate innovation space

11:14 Erik Bullen talks about his portfolio approach and making the transition from the corporate arena to the startup/angel investment/VC space

16:20 Erik Bullen discusses why he is focused on pre-seed and seed stage companies

19:09 Erik Bullen discusses his investment approach and mindset of founders/CEOs he looks for when investing

24:40 Erik Bullen discuses building teams at early stage companies

27:09 Erik Bullen talks about why startups fail and founders having a learning mindset and asking for help

30:04 Erik Bullen talks about The Founders Toolkit and how it was created

33:23 Erik Bullen shares his motivation behind doubling down on diversity, equity, and inclusion and making a difference through his actions

35:49 Erik Bullen discusses the state of the VC industry including valuations

40:13 Erik Bullen discusses crowdfunding platforms like Republic, WeFunder and increase in individual investors appetite for early stage investing

43:44 Erik Bullen discusses importance of financial education for retail investors interested in early stage investing

45:47 Erik Bullen discusses his approach to managing so many activities, roles, and what a typical day looks like

49:42 Erik Bullen discusses his favorite things to do outside of work

50:21 Erik Bullen looks ahead 20-30 years and shares some thoughts on what the VC and technology industry looks like

52:57 Erik Bullen shares some of his favorite books

54:14 Conclusion

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