Cary: Part 1
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Once upon a time, from the midst of normality, an extraordinary story began...

In a time when the world was being shaped on the fields of war, a boy named Archie dared to find his own path by looking to the stars.

In Part One of Cary, hear the incredible journey of Archie Leach; one that stretched from broken beginnings, all the way to the heavens of Hollywood itself...

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CONTENT WARNING BELOW (contains spoilers): This episode begins with scenes including dramatisations of infant death, domestic conflict and physical abuse. These scenes are not glamourised, but they are essential in that they explain the motivations behind certain people’s actions. However, if you feel that you may be triggered by these subjects, you may wish to proceed with caution, as they could be considered upsetting.

If you'd like more information about anything before you proceed, please don't hesitate to contact me through Patreon's messaging service, or by email at

Let's Talk About Sects
Let's Talk About Sects
Sarah Steel
Exclusive Brethren – Part 2
Lindy Jacomb was born into the Exclusive Brethren in Auckland, New Zealand, and was told there was no longer a place for her there in 2008. Her family cut off all communication with her and she was forced to start a new life at the age of 20, without any of the people she knew and loved.   Guests: Lindy Jacomb and Michael Bachelard   Full research sources listed on each episode page at You can support the creation of this independent podcast at   With thanks to Audio-Technica, presenting partner for season 4 of Let's Talk About Sects.   If you have been personally affected by involvement in a cult, or would like to support those who have been, you can find support or donate to Cult Information and Family Support if you’re in Australia (via, and you can find resources outside of Australia with the International Cultic Studies Association (via   Credits: Written and hosted by Sarah Steel Research by Haley Gray and Sarah Steel Music by Joe Gould Edited by Corey Green of Transducer Audio   Links: * Behind the Exclusive Brethren — by Michael Bachelard, Scribe Publications, 2008 * Separation from Evil - God's Principle of Unity — by John Nelson Darby, 1853 * BIG JIM TAYLOR, LEADER OF SECT — James Taylor Jnr. obituary, The New York Times, 17 October 1970 * "The Aberdeen Incident" July, 1970 — a compilation of material including a transcription of the Aberdeen Tapes, from the 25 July 1970 meeting following the incident * The closed-door church: Inside the secretive and strict Plymouth Brethren sect in Manitoba — by Bill Redekop, Winnipeg Free Press, 10 May 2014 * Howard defends meeting the Exclusive Brethren — by Peta Donald, PM, ABC Radio National, 22 August 2007 * OneSchool Global NSW Enrollment Policy — accessed December 2020 * OneSchool Global — official website, accessed December 2020 * Muslim groups...   See for privacy and opt-out information.
1 hr 2 min
What a Creep
What a Creep
Margo Donohue
What a Creep: Phil Spector Replay (RIP You Creep!)
What a Creep: Phil Spector (Replay) RIP You Fuckin' Creep! Phil Spector was one of the most celebrated record producers and songwriters of all time who created the world-famous “Wall of Sound.” He’s worked with everyone from the Ronnettes, to the Righteous Brothers, the Beatles, the Ramones, and the Wrecking Crew. He was inducted into the rock and roll of fame in 1989. Rolling Stone magazine named #63 of the top 100 artists of all time. Some of his most famous compositions include: To Know Him Is To Love Him, Be My Baby, Spanish Harlem, He’s a Rebel, Da Doo Run Run, River Deep, and Mountain High, Imagine, Chapel of Love, He Hit Me (And it Felt Like a Kiss,) Let It Be and Rock & Roll High School. A few artists who claim to be influenced by him are Bruce Springsteen, ABBA, Meatloaf, and Jim Steinman. He is one of the few music producers who are as famous and celebrated as the stars he worked with and is truly a legend who changed the music world forever. When he died, he was in Stockton, CA serving 19 years to life for the killing of actress Lana Clarkson at his home in 2003. So how did he wind up there? Let’s take a look back at his strange, exceptional, and chaotic life. The sources for this episode are: Phil Spector Wikipedia Cheatsheet Wired Michael Bay speaks Mental Floss AV Club The Blast Psychology Today A&E "Biography" Phil Spector The Guardian “Phil Spector: Wall of Pain” by Dave Thompson Power, Privilege & Justice with Dominick Dunne People magazine 1975 Esquire magazine (Scott Raab) Vanity Fair Confidential Be sure to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts and you will never miss an episode. Also, be sure to follow us on social media! But don’t follow us too closely … don’t be a creep about it! Subscribe to us on Apple Podcasts! Twitter: Facebook: Instagram @WhatACreepPodcast Visit our Patron page: Logo by Claudia Gomez Rodriguez @ClaudInCloud on Instagram!
1 hr 6 min
Private Parts Unknown (FKA Reality Bytes)
Private Parts Unknown (FKA Reality Bytes)
Private Parts Unknown | Pleasure Podcasts
Comedians of OnlyFans: Anya Volz
For the 40th episode of Private Parts Unknown, your hosts Courtney Kocak & Sofiya Alexandra drop the 3rd episode of our "Comedians of OnlyFans" series, featuring NYC-based comedian, podcaster & nonbinary bad bitch (pronouns: she/her/her highness). And hail to the queen because she's currently in the top 1.3% of OnlyFans creators. Out-of-work comedians have been flocking to OnlyFans to help pay their bills during the coronavirus pandemic. This series explores the intersection of comedy, sex work & COVID-19. For more Anya Volz: * Follow Anya on Twitter @anyavolz * Follow Anya on Instagram @anyavolz * Check out Anya's Best Mistakes podcast with her bestie Nika Lomazzo Psst, Courtney has an OnlyFans too: Private Parts Unknown is a proud member of the Pleasure Podcast network. This episode is brought to you by: * Sakara is a wellness company rooted in the transformative power of plant-based food. Sakara is offering our listeners 20% off their first order when they go to or enter code PRIVATE at checkout. * Dipsea is an audio erotica app full of short, sexy stories and guided sessions designed to turn you on. Dipsea is offering a 30 day free trial when you go to * Intensity by Pour Moi is an intimate health and stimulation device. Pour Moi is offering our listeners an additional $25 off of Intensity when you go to and enter code Private at checkout. You can use this code along with any code on their website. Let’s be friends on social media! Follow the show on Instagram @privatepartsunknown & Twitter @privatepartsun. Connect with hosts Courtney Kocak @courtneykocak & Sofiya @thesofiya on Instagram & Twitter. If you love this episode, please leave us a 5-star rating & sexy review! —>
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