How To Get Unstuck, Rebuild Your Habits, and Move Forward Now (TPS323)

We’ve all had situations where we know what we WANT to do to be more productive, but it just doesn’t happen. Maybe it’s a habit we once had but it fell apart over time, or maybe we are stuck and are having problems getting started.

If that’s you, this episode will give you 5 strategies to get unstuck, and we will share tips that we used to move forward and rebuild positive habits. You can use these tactics to regain momentum in your work and life, too.

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Cheat Sheet:

  • The top 3 productivity resources for this week [3:18]
  • Why you should be scheduling your habits if you’re serious about sticking to them [9:00]
  • How to honor the calendar commitments we make to ourselves instead of blowing it off [11:20]
  • How to reduce the friction of your difficult tasks and make them easy [19:31]
  • Why despite what you think you are capable of, multitasking does not work [24:54]
  • The power of clearing to neutral when you’re completing your work [27:21]
  • How a group or mentor can help get you out of a rut and back on track with your work [30:50]
  • How to design your environment for success [36:34]
  • Action steps you can take to integrate today’s topic into your life [43:45]

5 Tips to Getting Unstuck

  1. Schedule your habits
  2. Make it as easy as possible
  3. Focus on one task at a time
  4. Find a Group, a Friend, or a Mentor
  5. Design your environment for success


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