Buddhist Approach to World Conflict | Ajahn Brahm
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Conflicts come from a sense of injustice and injustice comes from a sense of karma. Start learning to accept life as it is and not what we want it to be. The law of karma tells us that we always get what we deserve, which often results in feelings of injustice. When we take control of our destiny, these feelings of injustice dissipate. There is karmic rebound in the form of regret and guilt, which can lead to even more disharmony and anger. We learn from our mistakes and try not to punish ourselves. Focusing on the faults of others can lead to conflict, but focusing on our own faults can also lead to conflict. We should try to focus on the good in others and ourselves to create a more peaceful world.


This dhamma talk was originally recorded on cassette tape on 5th October 2001. It has now been remastered and published by the Everyday Dhamma Network, and will be of interest to his many fans.

You can find the transcription and other related information on the Ajahn Brahm Podcast website.

These talks by Ajahn Brahm have been recorded and made available for free distribution by the Buddhist Society of Western Australia. You can support the Buddhist Society of Western Australia by pledging your support via their Patreon page.


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