The Art Of Impossible (with Steven Kotler)
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We all want to make 2021 a great year. We have plans, dreams, ambitions for the coming year, but the reality is that if we don’t develop new habits we won’t get new results, especially when so much seems out of our control. Steven Kotler has spent his career studying peak performers and analyzing how they are able to achieve such seemingly impossible things. In this conversation we discuss his new book The Art Of Impossible and the fundamental elements of peak performance, how to develop a mindset that allows for new possibilities, and how to point your focus, action, and habit in the same direction.

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Leadership and Loyalty™
Leadership and Loyalty™
Dov Baron
Tim Ash: Unleashing Your Primal Leadership Brain
Killing Mr. Spock - Emotional Focus: Tim Ash . . . . . . . . Our guest on this episode is Tim Ash.  Tim is an acknowledged authority on evolutionary psychology and digital marketing. He is a highly sought-after international keynote speaker. Tim has been mentioned by Forbes as a Top-10 Online Marketing Expert, and by Entrepreneur Magazine as an Online Marketing Influencer to Watch. He earned a dual-major Bachelor of Science degree “with highest distinction” in Computer Engineering and Cognitive Science from U.C. San Diego while studying on a U.C. Regents Scholarship (the highest academic award of the U.C. system). Tim stayed on at U.C. San Diego for Ph.D. studies focused on machine learning and artificial intelligence. For nineteen years, Tim was the co-founder and CEO of SiteTuners, a digital optimization agency. He helped to create over 1.2 billion dollars in value for companies like Google, Expedia, eHarmony, Facebook, American Express, Canon, Nestle, Siemens, and Cisco. Tim is the bestselling author of ‘Unleash Your Primal Brain,’ which has sold 50,000 copies sold worldwide and has been translated into six languages. More about Tim Ash: Social Media . . . . . . . . . To find out more about hiring Dov Baron as an advisor or strategist for yourself or your organization: Get bonus content on Patreon See for privacy and opt-out information.
1 hr 3 min
The Chase Jarvis LIVE Show
The Chase Jarvis LIVE Show
Chase Jarvis
Go from Underestimated to Unstoppable with Jamie Kern Lima
If you’ve ever doubted yourself or felt truly underestimated, this episode is for you. Jamie Kern Lima is a self-made entrepreneur, champion of women, philanthropist, keynote speaker and Co-founder of IT Cosmetics, a company she started in her living room and sold to L’Oreal for $1.2 Billion, becoming the first female CEO in L’Oreal’s 100+ year history. Her journey from growing her fledgling company from her living room to 1.2 Billion came with hard-won wisdom, having to overcome self-doubt, and sheer belief in her mission when she was told “No one is going to buy makeup from someone who has your body.” In this episode, we chat with Jamie about the lessons and breakthroughs that helped to tip the scales from countless Nos to Yes. Some of the topics we cover: * How to overcome self-doubt * Recovering and resilience from mistakes and setbacks * Cultivating trust in our intuition, even when no one else believes it * How to build confidence and just start If you love this conversation, be sure to check out Jamie's book BELIEVE IT filled with more actionable stories of how to go from underestimated to unstoppable. Enjoy! Have a question? Text me +1 (206) 309-5177 Tweet me @chasejarvis --- Today's episode is brought to you by CreativeLive. CreativeLive is the world's largest hub for online creative education in photo/video, art/design, music/audio, craft/maker and the ability to make a living in any of those disciplines. They are high quality, highly curated classes taught by the world’s top experts -- Pulitzer, Oscar, Grammy Award winners, New York Times best selling authors and the best entrepreneurs of our times.
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Amy Devers + Jaime Derringer of Design Milk
Ep. 140: Creative Reaction Lab CEO Antionette Carroll
Designer Antionette Carroll, born, raised, and based in St. Louis, Missouri, is a natural born leader who has been on a mission since day one. She’s the founder of Creative Reaction Lab, a nonprofit educating and deploying youth to challenge racial and health inequities impacting Black and Latinx populations. Antionette co-pioneered an award-winning form of creative problem solving called Equity-Centered Community Design and in doing so has received several recognitions and awards including being named an ADL and Aspen Institute Civil Society Fellow, TED Fellow, SXSW Community Service Honoree, and Essence Magazine Woke 100, among many others. She’s also a classic Taurus, the mother of twins, a fan of Mexican food, and a proud granddaughter!  Images and more from our guest! Special thanks to our sponsors: EditorX EditorX is a platform built specifically for designers, where you can create complex sites while feeling like you’re working on visual design software, in which you get total CSS control powered by smooth drag & drop. Editor X is developer level control in a designer's world, with the bonus of integrated business solutions, allowing your sites to be works of art while serving the needs of any type of business. Discover the new standard in web design at Helix To all our designer friends out there, Helix is one of the only “mattress in a box” companies that offers a designer trade discount—and it’s a good one at that! Just go to, sign up for the trade program, and once approved you will receive 25% off all products at all three of their brands. For regular customers, Helix is offering a great promo where you can receive up to $200 off your order plus 2 free dream pillows. Just visit to take the quiz and save up to $200 on your dream mattress. Please say Hi on social! Twitter, Instagram and Facebook - @CleverPodcast, @amydevers, @designmilk If you enjoy Clever we could use your support! Please consider leaving a review, making a donation, becoming a sponsor, or introducing us to your friends! We love and appreciate you! Clever is hosted by Amy Devers and produced by 2VDE Media, with editing by Rich Stroffolino, production assistance from Laura Jaramillo and Anouchka Stephan, and music by El Ten Eleven. Clever is proudly distributed by Design Milk. Support this show   See for privacy and opt-out information.
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The Brainy Business | Understanding the Psychology of Why People Buy | Behavioral Economics
The Brainy Business | Understanding the Psychology of Why People Buy | Behavioral Economics
Melina Palmer
140. How Simple Nudges Can Save Hundreds of Millions, interview with Dectech’s Dr. Benny Cheung
Today I get the honor of introducing you to Dr. Benny Cheung, a director of DecTech. You may remember that company’s name as Dr. Henry Stott, a cofounder, joined me on the show in episode 130 to discuss some of their other work. This conversation digs deeper on a specific project that Benny worked on to reduce opportunistic insurance fraud. You’ll get to learn all about it during the episode and I promise it is fascinating to learn how some simple nudges can help reduce a problem of, essentially, little white lies that were costing the UK insurance industry a billion pounds each year. We also get to learn a little about Benny and the research he did studying creatures that may seem very different from humans, but whose behavior we can still learn quite a bit from. He completed a Ph.D. and a two-year postdoctoral research fellowship in the field of behavioural science at the University of Cambridge before joining Dectech. During his academic career, he was involved in commercial projects in the clinical research and biotechnology industries. His areas of expertise include retail, eCommerce, financial services, utilities, telecommunication, and advertising. Show Notes: * [00:40] Today I get the honor of introducing you to Dr. Benny Cheung, a director of Dectech. * [03:11] Benny shares his background and how he got involved in behavioral science. He started in behavioral genomics. * [03:44] Benny joined Dectech in 2005 to apply techniques and technology in behavioral science in a commercial backdrop supporting clients to understand their consumers better. Now the mission at DecTech is to provide the tools that will allow their clients to make more accurate and cost-effective predictions about their consumer’s behavior. * [05:08] A lot of behavior we can trace back to genetics, so you inherit a lot of behavioral traits. * [05:35] Nowadays his focus is more on the commercial backdrop and consumer purchasing commercial decision making. * [06:32] Benny shares about a study he did with worms in 1999 about genetics and how intricately genetics is related to the behavioral outcome. * [07:55] In that study, feeding behavior came down to a single gene. While not all behaviors are that simple, genetics plays a very important role in behavior. Your environment also has a very important role to play. * [09:48] Benny shares about his opportunistic insurance fraud project. They focused on everyday consumers that were giving into temptations of being less than honest at a specific point during their customer life cycle. * [11:29] The project was for the Insurance Fraud Bureau in the UK. * [12:42] Opportunistic fraud is different from high-profile organized fraud because it is often undetected. That is a challenge for the industry. * [12:54] The IFB came to them and asked them to come up with a solution to fight this kind of opportunistic fraud. * [15:27] This type of fraud is typically not planned, instead it is something people choose to do at the moment. * [16:14] Nudges only work well in certain situations. You really can only nudge someone if they are sitting on the fence. * [18:47] Coming up with the intervention messages was the first task. The second task was to come up with a testing paradigm where they could test their effectiveness. * [20:41] The five principles they picked to focus their intervention methods were: norming(herding), consistency, priming, framing, and reciprocity. * [23:10] They prompted in a covert way as customers verified they were not a robot. * [26:04] When you have to focus on the words like in the captcha it has a different impact on the brain. * [26:24] For these interventions to be usable they can’t leave a negative perception or imprint. * [27:11] They tested using a randomized controlled trial. Recreating the realism of applying for motor insurance online was a very important aspect. * [29:24] By comparing peoples’ responses collectively to those contentious questions in the different conditions they could see how effective the interventions were in swaying dishonesty. * [30:13] On average the interventions were able to sway 36% of the dishonesty. An intervention in the norming category was proven most effective and had a 55% impact of dishonesty swaying. * [31:21] Of the 18 interventions they tested only one of them didn’t really work. All of them have shown some positive impact in swaying dishonesty. * [33:47] In behavioral science it is paramount to test. The Holy Grail of testing is doing a real-life trial, but they can be costly and risky to do, and hard to scale. * [36:01] It is beneficial to get out of your way and test things when it is a safe space so you can see what amazing things can come out of it. * [38:53] None of the interventions left a negative impact on the outcome of perceptions. * [40:58] Melina’s closing reflections. * [41:39] In the case of opportunistic fraud, it was important to know that this is often a decision made in the moment instead of premeditated or otherwise planned. This is why the nudges were effective: they appeared right at the moment where someone was teetering on the edge. Where does that exist in your business and what are some nudges you could implement to help encourage behavior for your customers or employees? * [42:52] Grab Melina’s brand new book, What Your Customer Wants (And Can’t Tell You), which is now on presale! Thanks for listening. Don’t forget to subscribe on Apple Podcasts or Android. If you like what you heard, please leave a review on iTunes and share what you liked about the show. Let’s connect: * * The Brainy Business® on Facebook * The Brainy Business on Twitter * The Brainy Business on Instagram * The Brainy Business on LinkedIn * Melina on LinkedIn * The Brainy Business on Youtube More from The Brainy Business: * Master Your Mindset Mini-Course * BE Thoughtful Revolution - use code BRAINY to save 10% * Get Your FREE ebook * Melina’s John Mayer Pandora Station! Listen to what she listens to while working. Connect with Benny: * Benny on LinkedIn * Benny on Twitter * Dectech’s Website * Dectech on Twitter Past Episodes and Other Important Links: * Using behavioural science to reduce opportunistic insurance fraud * Interview with Henry Stott * Temptation Bundling * Incentives * NUDGES & Choice Architecture * Priming * Social Proof * Framing * Reciprocity * Loss Aversion * Interview with Dan Ariely * How To Set Up Your Own Experiments Check out (and preorder!) Melina’s upcoming book, What Your Customer Wants (And Can’t Tell You) on Amazon, Bookshop, and Barnes & Noble If you are outside the US, please complete this form to be first to know when the book is available near you AND to help show there is a presence in your country to speed along international agreements and get it to you faster!
45 min
Coinbase or Stripe? NFT’s WTF, Clubhouse disrupting Podcasts, Donald Glover on Amazon
Techish is back with a brand new episode! Abadesi and Michael discuss the NFT (aka Non-Fungible Token) in demand—a new type of crypto graphic token promoting digital scarcity and digital ownership through a virtual marketplace! They also break down: - Coinbase and Stripe make $100 billion valuation (0:10) - A new culture of loneliness and the isolating effects of remote working (7:34) - Clubhouse vs Spotify (18:20) - Donald Glover content channel with Amazon Prime (23:40) - Vitamin D benefits (29:16) ------------------------------------------- for roles for POC in tech for talks and training to make your company more inclusive ————————————————————— Extra Reading: ————————————————————— Use the hashtag #Techishpod on Twitter & IG Support Techish at Advertise on Techish: ----------------- Stay In Touch: Email us at
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