Apr 9, 2020
You've probably heard these coronavirus myths. Did you fall for them?
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A week ago, we put the call out for coronavirus social media myths and asked you to send them in. And we got a lot of them.

One of the most common was a fake email that says it’s from a staff member of a hospital.

It contains a whole list of tips like don't drink cold water, and offers ways to check at home if you have coronavirus.

So we took the claims, and put them to Dr Norman Swan.

Some of the email myths checked on today’s show:

* Do you only have a cold if you have a running nose?

* Does coronavirus die if you warm it up to 27 degrees?

* Should you drink hot liquids and avoid drinks with ice?

* Will salt water protect you?

* Is there a way to check if you have coronavirus by breathing in deeply and seeing if you cough?

Also, since it’s Easter, we ask Norman if eating chocolate while in quarantine is a bad thing.

And Norman has an exciting announcement. To find out more, check out our website at
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