Jul 20, 2020
What state is most primed for a coronavirus outbreak?
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While coronavirus case numbers were up in NSW yesterday, health authorities said that they could identify where every infection came from.

Being able to trace every case is a great sign that outbreaks are being brought back under control. So is NSW out of the woods?

And while NSW might be starting to get back on top of things, research has shown that what’s happening in NSW and Victoria could happen anywhere.

On today's show:

* Norman explains some intriguing figures about which Australian states are most primed for a coronavirus outbreak.

And loads more questions have come in on masks:

* Can I lightly scotchgard the outer layer of fabric?

* Is scotchgard toxic to breathe through?

* Can you wear a face shield instead of a mask?

* I am hearing mixed reports about how often to wash a mask. Can you please clarify the best practice?

* Can I hot wash and reuse the blue disposable masks?
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