Aug 20, 2020
Could aged care and hospitals keep Victoria locked up?
13 min
New coronavirus cases in Victoria have been falling nicely this week, but if you look a little closer there are still some concerning numbers. A large number of healthcare workers are still being infected. And cases from aged care still appear to be making up large parts of the daily totals. So could the Government's struggle to rein in infections in aged care and hospitals be holding Victoria back? On today's show: * Is the drop in Victorian case numbers due to lower testing? * But didn't the Victorian Health Minister say only 10-15 percent of health workers are catching it at work? * What are the chances that aged care and hospital transmissions will keep Victoria in lockdown? * Can you tell me more about the Oxford vaccine? How does it work? * Will the vaccine work for people with weak immune systems? * Would Norman and Tegan personally take it? And we put the call out yesterday to see how long coronavirus tests are taking around the country. We've had a huge response, so thank you! We'll break down the numbers, but no prizes for guessing which state has the longest waiting time.
How to Save a Planet
How to Save a Planet
Should We Go Nuclear?
When it comes to nuclear energy, many people have strong opinions. Some say that if you're not on board with nuclear energy, then you aren't serious about addressing the climate crisis. Nuclear, after all, produces a lot of electricity and doesn't emit greenhouse gases while making energy. Others say that nuclear power tries to solve an illness with more of the disease. They say that nuclear energy, like fossil fuels, is a product of old thinking that ignores the full suite of its environmental impact - the persistence of nuclear waste, and the harm caused by mining for materials, like uranium, that power nuclear energy plants. In this week's episode, we wade into the debate. We look at the history of nuclear energy, how it became so polarized, and whether it holds the promise to get us off fossil fuels now, when we most need to. Calls to Action If you want to be part of reaching the 100% clean energy by 2035 goal for the US, there are lots of organizations working toward this. If you want to join those efforts, here are a few that you might want to consider. If you're a college student, for example, you might get involved with Environment America's 100 Renewable Campus campaign and try to push your school to go renewable.  The Sierra Club has a broader campaign called Ready For 100, to help you encourage your community to go renewable. Similarly, in Minnesota, the local Chapter has the 100% Campaign. Your local chapter may have a similar program – it's worth checking out. If you can't find a campaign near you, consider starting your own. The Climate Access Network has a toolkit on starting your own 100 percent renewable campaign (joining is required). Also, if you haven't already, subscribe to our newsletter! It’s great, we promise. You can sign up here. And if you take any of the actions we recommend, tell us about it! Send a voice message to We might use it in an upcoming episode.
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