Mar 31, 2020
Norman did everything right. So how did he catch another virus?
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Norman's coronavirus test is back, and it was negative!

He's been so clean and careful but still picked up something. How did that happen?

Also, turns out children may not be coronavirus super spreaders we thought they were.

On today's show:

* Are sweaty joggers putting you at risk?

* Why are health professionals falling sick?

* Why isn't the government doing more testing in 'hotspots'?


We want to make an episode of Coronacast next week that’s all about busting myths that are circulating on social media.

So if you’re seeing the same type of messages popping up in your email, or on Whatsapp or group chats or Facebook or Twitter - send it to us!

Our email is

And Dr Norman Swan explains (early) research that indicates that children are unlikely to be the primary source of household coronavirus infections.
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