Jul 13, 2020
Melbourne was first. Is it now Sydney's turn?
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The growing numbers of coronavirus cases from Sydney's Crossroads Hotel has shown that Melbourne is far from alone in having to worry about outbreaks.

The venue has so far been linked to more than 20 cases from people who either picked it up while at the pub, as a contact of someone who'd been there, and even as a contact of a contact.

So will NSW Health be able to get on top of it? Or could this be the beginning of some big problems for Sydney?

On today's show:

* Are we watching the start of a Sydney outbreak in real time?

* With all the new cases popping up in Sydney, should we be heading back into lockdown now rather than waiting?

* Norman said touching a face mask can reduce or impair its effectiveness. How or why does this happen?

* Europe has reduced some restrictions. Why is there not a spike in cases?

* I was disappointed about Norman’s reference to healthcare workers contracting diseases as 'inexcusable'. What did he mean by that?
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