Dec 16, 2020
S2 BONUS — The Price
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The Royal Commission has released its final report into defence lawyer turned police informer Nicola Gobbo.
Accidental Celebrity
Accidental Celebrity
Fiona Reynolds
5. The Great Escape
Todd Russell was stripped of his anonymity before he’d even emerged after 14 days trapped underground by the 2006 Beaconsfield mine rockfall. Elation was quickly replaced by frustration as the media pursuit and public attention became overwhelming. Music credits: SFX Explosion.wav by Kigofix - Answer them phones by jobro - Soccer kick 01 by volivieri - Itzo Dobreff » Applause_encore.aif - MUSIC Theme: Epic Adventure by BlueBirdSound A Darker Heart by Ignotus by Agnese Valmaggia Link: License: Final Step by Rafael Krux Link: License: Breaking News 3 by Sascha Ende Link: License: Desert Nomads by Rafael Krux Link: License: Rising Tide (faster) by Kevin MacLeod Link: License: Breaking News 4 by Sascha Ende Link: License: 321 - Unitopia Beginning Of Conflict by Rafael Krux Link: License: The Way Out by Kevin MacLeod Link: License: Moments Of Life by Rafael Krux Link: License: Traveler's Notebook by Rafael Krux Link: License: Media credits: Content supplied and/or licensed for use courtesy of Nine Entertainment Co (incl. The Footage Company Australia / Nine Network Australia), Australian Broadcasting Corporation Library Sales and News Corp Australia. Support this show   See for privacy and opt-out information.
42 min
The Nurse
The Nurse
Camille Bianchi
S2E1 Another Nurse
We go back to the Launceston General Hospital: the year is 1989. Benjamin Felton was just 13 years old when he admitted to the hospital with stomach pain. From that day, his life was never the same - there was another nurse. For anyone seeking help or counselling for issues raised in this episode, contact Laurel House if you're a local or BlueKnot Any information or tips Theme - Stronger Together - Myuu Among Us - Myuu Poltergeist (Horror Soundscape) - Myuu Cinematic Suspense Series Episode 001 by Sascha Ende Link: License: Long Note Two by Kevin MacLeod Link: License: Dark Secrets (DECISION) by Sascha Ende Link: License: Bad Encounter - Myuu Sebastian J F by Philip Rice Link: License: What Could Have Been - Myuu Troublemaker Theme - Myuu Tension Builders Inc by Brian Holtz Music Link: License: Abstraction by Luca Fraula Link: License: Cinematic Suspense Series Episode 002 by Sascha Ende Link: License:   See for privacy and opt-out information.
43 min
The Junkees - Dave O'Neil and Kitty Flanagan
The Junkees - Dave O'Neil and Kitty Flanagan
Nearly Media
Vanilla Ice Cream
Three types of vanilla from the supermarket (got to be accessible!)   Connoisseur Cream (34%), Skim Milk (Concentrate or Solids), Water, Sugar, Glucose Syrup (Wheat and or Corn), Dextrose Monohydrate, Flavours, Vegetable Origin Emulsifier [471 (Soy)], Vegetable Gum (410), Colour (160b).   Streets Blue Ribbon Dairy ingredients (reconstituted buttermilk and/or reconstituted skim milk, milk solids, cream), glucose syrup (from wheat), cane sugar, gelatine, emulsifier (471), vegetable gums (401, 407, 410), flavours, colours (160b).   Peter's Vanilla Skim Milk (Concentrate or Solids), Water, Sorbitol, Polydextrose, Cream, Vegetable Origin Emulsifiers [477, 471 (Soy)], Vegetable Gum (412), Mineral Salt (341), Flavours, Colour (160b), Sweetener (Steviol Glycosides).   Also this episode Dinosaurs by the Natural Confectionary Company (Coles link) Blind Taste Testing more chips!   Facebook Group for The Junkees is here   Public service announcement! Jelly beans do or may have gluten. Kitty said they didn't in a previous episode and it was wrong XXX.   Big shout out to Audio Technica - The Junkees use Audio Technica AT-BP40 microphones. Sounding good!   Follow Kitty! Instagram / Facebook / YouTube Follow Dave! Twitter / Facebook   Tell a friend about the show or leave a review wherever you can.  Get in touch with a suggestion for Dave and Kitty - More about the show: See for privacy information.
36 min
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