Stop Everything!
Stop Everything!
Oct 22, 2020
Stop Everything celebrity memoir book club: The meaning of Mariah Carey
54 min
In the debut of Stop Everything's Celebrity Memoir Book Club, BL, BW and special guests discuss The Meaning of Mariah Carey, the long-awaited, NY Times bestselling memoir written by pop diva Mariah Carey and Michaela Angela Davis. Mariah Carey super Lambs: Maria Lewis, author, screenwriter, broadcaster and possessor of deep cut Mariah knowledge and a Mariah Carey tattoo, and fellow lamb and celebrity memoir aficionado, Nick Bond, entertainment editor for share their views.
Bang On
Bang On
Double J
#151: Elliot Page, COVID resets, Wedgie shorts
It’s a big week for trans awareness, with actor Elliot Page coming out and highlighting the realities of many others in the trans community. A great piece in the Washington Post on how COVID has changed arts criticism has us thinking more broadly about the ways we’re shifting for good, including in live gig accessibility. It’s quite a time for butts in fashion too, and of course we have many thoughts. Cher has rescued an elephant, and another monolith has popped up; Myf has the breaking news on both. And we’re banging on about a brilliant new podcast, and an award winning Australian novel.   Show notes: Elliot Page comes out: Arts Criticism may never be the same: Live music more accessible: Wedgie shorts: Butt masks: Cher saved an elephant: Monolith watch: Stuff The British Stole: The Yield: Email us to Bang Back: Bang On is produced by Double J and is recorded on the lands of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation. We pay our respects to elders past, present, and emerging. We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the First Australians and Traditional Custodians of the land where we live, work, and learn.
31 min
A Rational Fear
A Rational Fear
Dan Ilic
Foxtel The Foreign Broadcaster — Cathy Wilcox, Tosh Greenslade, Lewis Hobba, and Dan Ilic
🤑 CHIP IN TO OUR PATREON 📨 SUBSCRIBE TO OUR EMAIL LIST: 🌳 If you want to support the podcast and take your car carbon neutral, with GoNeutral here:   This week's show we cover Foxtel going offshore, Australia and China's meme warfare, Rudy Giuliani's crack legal team in Michigan and we interview two blokes who invaded the cricket pitch at the Australia vs India test match at the SCG. Fearmongers this week: Cathy Wilcox  (SMH) Tosh Greenslade (Mad As Hell / The ScoMo Diaries ) Lewis Hobba (Triple J) Dan Ilic (A Rational Fear) TRANSCRIPTION FROM OTTER.AI   Unknown Speaker  0:00   This podcast is supported in part by the birth of foundation. Unknown Speaker  0:04   Gay Lewis. Lewis Hobba  0:05   Hello, Daniel. How Dan Ilic  0:07   I look I'm well I'm feeling pretty good because we've got a whole bunch of new Patreon supporters including Maureen Morgan from the stand up school of hard knocks, they do. They teach people how to do stand up, Louis, that's what they do. We've also got someone called C 316801. For they've become the Patreon supporter. Lewis Hobba  0:27   I'm giving away being funded by Russian bots. Dan Ilic  0:30   I think we're actually being funded by Elon Musk's daughter, I think Alex Thornton has also signed up Dylan Joel has signed up, Laura wells has signed up and a guy called Jared Morris now I'm pretty sure I know this blog when I was in LA I was when I first moved to LA in 2016. I was quite lonely. And I went to a bar just to go try out some really nice food because that's what you do when you're on your own. And the barman was jerem he was an Aussie guy and he recognised from the telly and he gave me a free whiskey. So thank you Jeremy, for joining up and giving to you. Jeremy is the bomb in the cape serving. It's fantastic. Lewis Hobba  1:07   That's amazing. Dan Ilic  1:08   Another way to support irrational fear is to offset the carbon emissions with your car with a go neutral sticker for every $90 sticker go neutral by 3.5 tonnes of carbon offsets which is about the yearly average emissions for a car and then five bucks that comes to us to do that. To Go Go neutral and support irrational feet use the link in the show notes. Louis I'm recording my end of irrational feet on gadigal land what Lewis Hobba  1:30   land Do you want also on gadigal land Dan Ilic  1:32   your nation, sovereignty was never said we need a treaty. Let's start the show. Unknown Speaker  1:36   A rational fear contains naughty words like bricks cambro and gum and section 40 of a rational fear recommended listening by immature audience. Dan Ilic  1:49   Tonight after monster speculating the opposite US Attorney General bill Barr finds no evidence of voter fraud but finally finds evidence of a backbone and Prime Minister Scott Morrison hits back at full corners parliamentary sex scandal episode with a new initiative called knob keeper and gatherings of 50 people are now allowed on dance floors in New South Wales critics say this will just lead to an increase in murder on the dance floor. It's the fourth of December 2020 and we're holding the vaccine This is irrational fear. Hello, welcome to rational fit. I'm your host former quarantine housekeeper Dan Ilic. Let's meet our fear mongers for tonight. She's one of the sharpest with featured daily and nines newspapers. She's also the newly elected President of the Australian cartoonists Association. Please stop the votes because it's the Walkley award winning Kathy Wilcox. Oh, sure. Do we have to call you madam? President now? Cathy Wilcox  3:00   Yeah. Only only Madam President. Mrs. President is all right to Boss Lady. Lewis Hobba  3:06   What are some of the roles of the president of the of your new your new position? Cathy Wilcox  3:13   I really don't know. I'm gonna have a minute all that. I suddenly I suddenly had to run the meeting the annual general meeting on Sunday morning, which was a frightening thing to have to do. I initially sort of said, can't the old President still run it? And he kind of said yes, but then, but then I kind of got a whiff of power and my my nostrils went Oh, what the hell I'll take over, rush them Dan Ilic  3:36   cafe crush them you would a little pencil. Lewis Hobba  3:39   I like to imagine that everyone. on the board meeting of the cartoonists associate. There's like 10 people and then there's 10 caricaturists on the outside at each one. Dan Ilic  3:50   And as well as being one of the longest serving comedy minions for Sean McAuliffe. He's also an author of one of the funniest books to start your Christmas stocking from the actor award winning mad as hell. It's touchscreen slide. Hello. Hi. Hello, touch someone. Lewis Hobba  4:05   Congratulations. Yeah, well Dan Ilic  4:07   done Tosh. Getting an actor. That's great. Yeah. Yeah, thanks. I had a baby a month ago, but you know that Unknown Speaker  4:18   you got an act. Lewis Hobba  4:19   Everyone's got babies. Is your baby in the business? We don't care. Not yet. Dan Ilic  4:24   Is it time to exploit? Isn't it time to exploit your baby to be in the business? Let's hope so. Cuz on my career certainly isn't doing much. Cathy Wilcox  4:33   And you you appear to be recording from from inside a cupboard. Is that correct? Yeah, Tosh Greenslade  4:37   I'm inside of my wardrobe. Dan Ilic  4:39   I had to put so I had to put this This isn't good. Good podcasting, but I had to put this shirt down off the hook just in case anybody saw because I've got to Unknown Speaker  4:51   have the same shirt. Lewis Hobba  4:53   held up an identical shirt, the one he's wearing and it's a surprisingly loud, Nike sort of tie dye. Unknown Speaker  5:00   stravaganza Cathy Wilcox  5:01   I liked it so much. You bought it twice. That's amazing. I Unknown Speaker  5:04   bought it too big. Unknown Speaker  5:05   I bought too big for the first time it was like it Look, I'm fat that's not Cathy Wilcox  5:10   yours. You're pregnant pregnant body and then you'll have one for afterwards when you snapped back to your post baby body. Dan Ilic  5:17   Tim Chima on YouTube says is that from the shag shop on chapel Street. It's a very Melbourne reference. And you've met him before. It's Louis harbour. Welcome, Louis. Lewis Hobba  5:27   Oh, Hello, sir. I forgot we're still doing introductions. Yeah. Hello. with you. Sorry, I couldn't be with you last week. But yeah, huge congratulations on being the officially funniest podcasts in Australia. Damn. Well, it is great. Dan Ilic  5:39   It's all of all of us as everyone who contributes so thank you. Coming up we speak to two people who are bringing back a much love Ozzy tradition, the cricket pitch invasion. We asked them if they didn't note and if they turn but their bowls, but before we get there, here's a message from this week's sponsor. Unknown Speaker  5:56   toit denied What do you mean I can't say the Joe Biden style the election by using North Korean fishermen sick of having your free speech trampled on trying to be anti semitic but that pro semantics semantics have got you down. You said it's censored by the political correctness Nazis for being too much of an actual Nazi. Exactly. Well, it's time to drop the fact checking fascist on Facebook and time to cut the truth telling Trump's Twitter introducing a place where you can say what you like when you like with people you're like, with no fear of coming across as wrong or batshit crazy because they're just like you it's haha the social media network by right wing nutjobs and conspiracy theorists Paula, a place where no Lives Matter and masks will give you COVID-19 and Donald Trump Jr. is the second coming up. Donald Trump the Unknown Speaker  6:42   media runs right away Russian disinformation wow Unknown Speaker  6:45…
40 min
Clementine Ford's Big Sister Hotline
Clementine Ford's Big Sister Hotline
Big Sister Hotline with Clementine Ford
Big Sister Hotline: Episode 41, Feat. JILL STARK
This week, I’m joined by my good friend JILL STARK to talk about anxiety, lockdown and some of the tools we can use to ground us when we’re feeling fizzy brained. Jill’s first book, “High Sobriety” was about the year she spent sober. She has since become sober again, and we talk about what this means for a person’s mental health and some of the emotional challenges that come with committing to and maintaining sobriety. It gave me a lot to think about in terms of my own relationship to alcohol, and I know it will resonate strongly with listeners! From little sisters, we answer questions about how to get back into dating without losing yourself in a prospective partner; what to do when the person you’ve been developing intimacy with decides to soft ghost you and insist it’s only ‘casual’; and how to react when a close friend becomes ‘the other woman’. You can follow Jill and her posts about mental health, sobriety and anxiety at the following places: Twitter: @jillastark Facebook: @jillstark Instagram: @jillstark__ Tracie Egan Morrisey’s Emotional Conquistador article here: Buy Jill’s books here: Feedback/Question submission: Patreon: Instagram: **** (And remember, if you like the show then please consider rating and reviewing it!) Support this show   See for privacy and opt-out information.
1 hr 13 min
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