150: The Tragical History of the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus
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Christopher Marlowe was a contemporary of Shakespeare's, and he wrote poorly. Specifically, he wrote eponymous play for this episode. Not only that but SPY STUFF?!?
History of the Netherlands
History of the Netherlands
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37 - Mary Marries Maxi
The eruption of violence across the Low Countries in March and April of 1477 led to Mary of Burgundy effectively being in the custody of the city of Ghent. Although the rebellious citizens of Ghent had taken lethal retribution for what they saw as the crimes of the previous administration, they had done nothing to solve the most pressing issue facing the Low Countries. This was, en fait, the marauding French army. Despite the signing of the Great Privilege, in the chaos of the invasion and uprisings, some territories, such as Guelders and Liège, proclaimed independence, some had alternative suggestions for succession and it seemed a real possibility that all of the Low Countries might just be eaten up by Louis XI. Everybody knew that it was necessary to get the much-harried Duchess Mary married, but the question was - to whom? Louis XI had offered up his son the dauphin, Charles the Bold and the Emperor had already arranged her betrothal to Maximilian of Habsburg and now the emboldened city of Ghent decided to throw another name in the mix - Adolph, the once again Duke of the once again independent Guelders. But in the end, after much correspondence with Margaret of York and an extremely slow journey down the Rhine, it was to Maximilian of Habsburg, Archduke of Austria, that Mary was eventually married on the 19th of August, 1477. It was an event which would intimately bind the Low Countries to one of Europe’s most long-lasting dynasties. With thanks to Nicholas Bargeman, Stephen Matthis, Joost Uitdehaag, Gary Greenhalgh and MJ Knoester for their Patreon support. SHOW NOTES: http://www.republicofamsterdamradio.com/episodes/historyofthenetherlands/episode-37-mary-marries-maxi PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/historyofthenetherlands TWITTER: https://www.twitter.com/historyofNL Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices
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The Dirt Podcast
The Dirt Podcast
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DNA: The Dirt, uh, Finds a Way - Ep 125
This year is the 20th anniversary of the first publication of the Human Genome Project, and the 10th anniversary of the Neanderthal Genome Project. Since both of these projects began, DNA research has changed what we know about the human story more than we could ever possibly have imagined. Come learn about a tiny fraction of this knowledge with us, and listen to our brains explode. Links Protein Synthesis: an Epic on the Cellular Level (Internet Archive) Human Genome Project Information Archive 1990–2003 (Oak Ridge National Laboratory) Human Genome Project FAQ (National Human Genome Research Institute) Game of chances: inheritance is a question of probability, not destiny (The Guardian) Why Race Is Not a Thing, According to Genetics (National Geographic) How to Argue With a Racist: What Our Genes Do (and Don't) Say About Human Difference (The Experiment Publishing) The Neanderthal DNA you carry may have surprisingly little impact on your looks, moods (Science) Neanderthal DNA highlights complexity of COVID risk factors (Nature) Neanderthal DNA in Modern Human Genomes Is Not Silent (The Scientist) Multiple lines of mysterious ancient humans interbred with us (National Geographic) Denisovan DNA in the genome of early East Asians (Max Planck Gesellscheft) The complete genome sequence of a Neandertal from the Altai Mountains (Nature) The Contribution of Neanderthals to Phenotypic Variation in Modern Humans (The American Journal of Human Genetics) Evidence found of Denisovans interbreeding with humans in Southeast Asia more recently than thought (Phys.org) The CRISPR-baby scandal: what’s next for human gene-editing (Nature) In a possible step forward for gene therapy, Stanford researchers made mice glow like fireflies (Stanford News) Neanderthal-like ‘mini-brains’ created in lab with CRISPR (Nature) 3 Human Chimeras That Already Exist (Scientific American) This Woman Is Her Own Twin: What Is Chimerism? (Live Science) The Case of the Woman Who Was Her Own Twin (Genetics Illustrated) Disputed Maternity Leading to Identification of Tetragametic Chimerism (New England Journal of Medicine) Contact Email the Dirt Podcast: thedirtpodcast@gmail.com Affiliates Wildnote TeePublic Timeular
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