Party Lines
Party Lines
Oct 15, 2020
Canada-China relations frayed at 50
24 min
“This is something which we shall never forget.” Those were just some of the strong words Canada’s new ambassador to the UN, Bob Rae, shared last week in reference to China’s treatment of Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor. The two Canadians have been detained in Chinese prison for well over 600 days, and just last weekend received their first consular visit since January. On a week that also marks 50 years since Trudeau Sr. established diplomatic ties with the country, Rosie and Elamin wonder: what might Canada-China relations look like from here on in?

Continuing with their break from pandemic politics, the two also examine the federal government’s recent announcement regarding single-use plastics. The feds plan to finalize a ban before the end of 2021 — but is it a top-of-mind priority for people right now?
The Herle Burly
The Herle Burly
Air Quotes Media
Adrienne Spafford + the Political Panel #MailbagEdition
A Daily-Double episode. For Part 1, we have Adrienne Spafford as our guest. Adrienne is CEO of Addictions and Mental Health Ontario, and she has a long history as, not only a seasoned healthcare leader, but a senior advisor in government. We’re going to be talking about the impacts of COVID on mental health. We'll also chat more broadly about our system and strategy for addictions and mental health care. What are we getting right? And where can we do better? Part 2 of the pod is a special edition of the Political Panel, with our comms and campaign gurus, Jenni Byrne and Scott Reid! Today we're doing an ALL-MAILBAG show, answering all your burning political questions and sharing some questionable stories from our past. And don't miss our new segment at the end of the Panel we call, “HEY YOU!” ... Here’s how “HEY YOU” works: each of us will throw a single question out into the social media ether ... for a politician or public figure. Will it be entertaining? Yeah, I’m pretty sure it will. Will somebody take the bait and give us an answer? We’ll see. Will somebody else create a burner account, and masquerade as that public figure to try to fake us out? Seems like a lot of work, but sure. Go for it. Anyway, stick around for “HEY YOU!” Thank you for joining us on The Herle Burly podcast. Please take a moment to give us a rating and review on iTunes or your favourite podcast app. iTunes  Spotify  Stitcher  GooglePlay Watch this conversation on YouTube. The Herle Burly was created by Air Quotes Media with support from our presenting sponsor TELUS, as well as CN Rail and MDA Space. SUBSCRIBE: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher | Google Podcasts | YouTube | RSS
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