What We Actually Do vs. What Clients Think We Should Do
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“Son, can you SEO my website?”

This is a request from a prospective client looking to rank #1 on Google.

This anecdote is not in poor taste or an attempt to disparage future clients.

It is to showcase that what clients think we should do is not what we actually do.

And here’s why:

Google Grades a Myriad of Factors

No single SEO technique will cause a website to dominate search results or Google Maps. Instead, Google grades websites and listings on a variety of factors in combination. We are talking about hundreds of different variables. Think of the highest-ranking websites as those that have the highest total grade. A company excelling in one area will not compete with one that has divided resources into a wide range of different areas including content, design, and reputation.


Sometimes inquiries will ask for content only. While many in the industry have peddled the saying “content is King” they are all lying. Don’t get us wrong, content is very important, but it is only engaged in correlation with other factors. Try writing a page of content about your service on a free blog. Wait 6 months and let us know if it optimizes. We’ll save you the trouble, it won’t. Not because the content wasn’t well-written or because you failed to use keywords in your H₁ but because Google and its users could not care less about the page that it is written on.


Have you ever seen a visually appealing website buried on page 10? Probably not, but only because nobody ever looks on page 10. The truth is that plenty of great-looking websites don’t rank well on Google. Design is not always about the front-end (i.e. display) but even sites that are properly coded and look great don’t automatically rank on page 1. Having a great design without a content marketing strategy or a Google My Business listing and the embedded map will ultimately fail to make a difference. Design is extremely valuable as one piece to a bigger puzzle.


The businesses that have 500 5-star reviews will always rank #1 on Maps, right? Wrong. See for yourself, there are many contractors with great reviews that are not appearing on the Local 3 Pack. This is because they don’t grade well in other aspects of their online presence. One common reason why Maps rankings fail to place where their reviews would suggest is the lack of relevant content on their website. To show up on Maps for specific services, they must be mentioned on your website. When Google spiders pages, they associate topics with listings.

Investing in Full-Service SEO

We understand why contractors would look to cut costs anywhere possible. If there was a single way to get to the top of Google search, everyone would be doing it. The reality however is that SEO for contractors is full service. To rank for relevant keywords you need a custom website that is optimized for search and associated with an optimized Maps listing. There is no other way around it. Part of optimization includes in-depth content that meets or exceeds Google’s quality standards as well as back-end codebase on websites including schema markup to help Google parcel your site’s data. Contractor Webmasters is a full digital marketing agency that offers the following:

  • Content
  • Design
  • Local Mapping
  • PPC
  • Reviews Management
  • Social Media Ads
  • SEO

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