React vs. Vue
Play • 49 min

How do these two popular frontend frameworks compare with each other?

In this episode, we discuss the similarities and differences between React and Vue!

Both are used as single page applications (SPAs). We discuss why these are popular choices in building rich user experiences on the web today! And the core principles behind them - lifecycle methods, state management, and the virtual DOM. How they work behind the scenes and why it helps you write better code!

Next, we dive into React. Classes vs. Hooks, and how React implements these as a SPA. We talk about our first experiences using React, and our struggles first learning it!

Finally, we discuss how Vue works, and how it is similar to, or different from React in it's implementation. We compare global state management tools, CLI's, styling, documentation, typescript support, and so much more!


  • 00:30 - Intro End
  • 00:50 - Introduction to Front End Frameworks
  • 04:07 - Lifecycles in a Front End Framework
  • 09:05 - React Classes vs React Hooks
  • 14:01 - Experiences while learning React
  • 17:50 - Introduction to Vue
  • 22:23 - Comparisons between React & Vue
  • 29:38 - Styling in React vs Vue
  • 34:04 - Global State Management
  • 38:40 - CLI Tooling
  • 39:35 - Comparing the documentation of React & Vue
  • 40:59 - Typescript support
  • 43:29 - Comparing the mobile integration of React & Vue
  • 45:53 - Dessert Time!
  • 48:30 - Wrap-up & Outros


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