Fitness 101 For Developers
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Fitness 101.

As web developers, we're prone to sitting down on all day. Staying active takes effort! Sometimes it's easy to forget how much you've ate throughout the day. Other days, it feels like your pulling an all nighter and forget about your personal health.

We cover basic health science, nutrition, workout plans, and supplements.


  • 00:30 - Staying Fit as a Developer takes effort!
  • 01:35 - Weight Loss, Weight Gain, and Nutrition

    • 02:20 - Being disciplined takes effort! Be aware of what affects your eating habits
    • 03:50 - Losing weight requires a deficit of calories. Meaning if your body requires 3000 calories to maintain weight based on your activity level, you need to consume less than that amount to drop weight. 3500 calories = 1 lb of weight.
    • 07:30 - Exercises and working out increases activity level, which changes your daily caloric intake amount. Recommended safe weight loss range is 1-lb to 2-lbs a week
    • 12:00 - Protein smoothies are great for controlling calories and protein/carb/fat intake. Can also be used as a breakfast replacement. Also there are foods for combatting hunger, such as eating high fat foods or fasting
    • 16:20 - Alchohol has a lot of hidden calories! A drink is anywhere from ~100 to 200 calories a drink
    • 20:20 - Use controlled foods with known amounts of calories to "calorie count". Limit yourself to eating out to restaurants without calorie nutrition facts to once a day to prevent too few or too many calories.
  • 22:30 - Exercises and movements!

    • 25:00 - Strength training, volumetric building for strength
    • 27:30 - Hypertrophy training, HIIT (high intensity interval training) for endurance
    • 30:00 - Don't overwork out yourself early on, do it progressively else you might get an injury
    • 32:30 - Always warm up before an exercise! Then you can progressively load weight amounts during training
  • 35:00 - Supplements!

    • 36:30 - Animal Protein vs Whey/Soy Protein Powder. Cooked animal protein increases intake into the body
    • 37:30 - Creatine is one of the most popular ways of improving strength. It increases your energy gain amount
    • 39:30 - Branch Chain Amino Acids help the recovery process
    • 40:30 - Have someone experienced like a trainer help you early on! You can build good form and ensure your on the right path, and have a spotter as well.
  • 44:30 - DESSERT TIME!

    • 46:00 - ITERM2 for terminal management
    • 46:30 - Wakeboarding in a zipline water park
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