Episode 13: Dan Richards
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Charlie and Dan Richards (Holloway, The Beechwood Airship Interviews, Climbing Days, Outpost) discuss asking to join well-known people for lunch and producing fascinating interviews for your book, travelling the less beaten paths of your mountaineering great-great aunt, finding society in isolated places, and looking ahead to how we might continue to approach humanity's harming of nature after the benefits to scaling back have been shown by this current crisis.

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Dan’s articles at Caught by the River 'Dream ticket – the night train from Cologne to Vienna’ ‘My search for the real Moominland’ BBC Radio 4: Start the Week – Life in the Wilderness Wikipedia’s entry for Dorothy Pilley (includes photographs) Second-hand copies of Dorothy’s memoir on AbeBooks (there are a couple of 1935 and 1965 editions on there)

Question Index

00:46 How did you get into writing, specifically the type you do? 02:39 The first book to be written was the second published… 03:37 Tell us about the interviewing process for The Beechwood Airship Interviews 07:43 Has this book had a knock-on affect on your further work in ways we may not pick up on? 08:56 These books are a mixture of travel/adventure (and so on) and there’s a lot of your personality there… 10:11 Tell us about mountaineer Dorothy Pilley and how she inspired you 15:00 How did the women mountaineers of the time help future generations? 18:58 Is Dorothy’s 1935 memoir available to purchase? 19:51 What was the easiest part of your Climbing Days adventure? 22:26 What did you learn about yourself? 27:27 What draws you to the wilderness? 27:57 You talk about our human destruction of nature – what do you hope will happen following this time that we’re living in right now? 31:01 Tell us about the supernatural aspect of the first outpost; did you experience anything yourself? 34:27 In all the outposts you went to, what surprised you the most? 35:11 How did the social aspect of these otherwise isolated places impact your experience of it? 38:52 What’s next?

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