Episode 05: Samantha Sotto
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Tune in as Charlie Place and Samantha Sotto (Before Ever After, Love and Gravity, A Dream of Trees) discuss characters that join you in your car in the midst of a traffic jam, time travelling with Issac Newton, switching from your fully researched work in progress to a story that needs to be told, and... chickens?

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The trailer for Love and Gravity as mentioned

Question Index

00:37 The story of how Sam became a writer involves traffic jams… 02:57 Did anything inspire the chicken and egg situation? 04:58 You’ve gone for lesser-known historical stories in Before Ever After, can you tell us about that? 07:41 Is there a secret ingredient for the egg and cheese dish? 08:57 Where does Doctor Who come into the story? 10:53 How was it working from the present day backwards? 12:15 Was there any particular time period you enjoyed working on? 14:40 Where did the campers first come into the story? 15:32 Where did Shelley first come into the story? 21:45 When did you have the idea to fill in the gap in Issac Newton’s story? 23:43 Where did John Maynard Keynes come in? 25:40 Issac Newton and Andrea are both motherless – was this comparison something you were working towards? 27:24 What was it like mixing science and music together in one book? 29:50 Daughter’s name being included in the book 32:13 Are your dogs [heard in the background] going to star in a book? 32:49 Do you like classical poetry? 34:29 Have you ever owned any chickens? 38:06 Why self-publish A Dream of Trees? 41:17 Is the content something you have/have developed a passion for? 44:11 Will you be returning to the Scotland fairy story book? 45:26 Sam’s recent NaNoWriMo book.

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Photograph used with permission from the author. Credit: Samantha Sotto.

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