9 Things You Need To Ask Recruiters When Applying For A Job
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Work Matters is a quick, daily dose of what’s going on in the job market and how it affects you and your career journey. Hosted by Ken Coleman, #1 bestselling author and host of Ramsey Network’s The Ken Coleman Show,  you’ll get a practical take on topics like burnout, today’s most in-demand job skills, how to deal with a deadbeat boss and more. The work you do matters––it’s time to make the most of it. For a full-length daily podcast, subscribe to The Ken Coleman Show.

Real Men Connect with Dr. Joe Martin | Marriage | Parenting | Leadership | Ministry
Real Men Connect with Dr. Joe Martin | Marriage | Parenting | Leadership | Ministry
Dr. Joe Martin chats weekly with the country's most respected Christian men
How to Go from Fearful to Fearless
Grant Graves, is an author, speaker, and teacher. He believes that Jesus is coming back very soon, but that the world needs to hear a special message: and that message is that God is good, not just all the time, but always. In a world of fear and hatred, Grant believes that his message of hope is the only path to inner peace and complete transformation. The Bible says we are saved by faith, but Grant says how can we be be saved by a God we don't even trust? Grant's' passion to spread the light about God's true nature, and to call people back to worship. To get a copy of Grant's book, Fearless: Finding Courage in the Character of God or contact him personally, go to: https://www.grantngraves.com ---------------- If you want to help us transform the lives of even MORE MEN for God’s glory, please take a minute to leave us a helpful REVIEW on iTunes: http://www.rmcpodcast.com and SHARE this podcast with any young man (or men) you’re mentoring or discipling. And make sure you don't miss an interview episode by signing up for our Man-to-Man eNewsletter at http://www.RealMenConnect.com, and grab your FREE copy of the Real Men Victory Tracker. Are you stuck? Want to go to the next level in your marriage, career, business, or ministry? Then maybe it’s time you got a coach. ALL CHAMPIONS have one. Let me coach you to help you strengthen your faith, improve your marriage, spiritually lead your family, achieve more, balance your time, grow your ministry, or even stop an addiction. Click here for details: http://www.RMCfree.com Also join us on: Join the Real Men 300: http://www.RealMen300.com Facebook Group: http://www.realmenuniversity.com/ YouTube: http://www.RealMenTraining.com Facebook: @realdrjoemartin Instagram: @realdrjoemartin Twitter: @professormartin
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The Naked Marriage with Dave & Ashley Willis
The Naked Marriage with Dave & Ashley Willis
XO Podcast Network
Be Thankful, But Don't Settle
In marriage, there is a delicate balance between being always content but never complacent. We should always be striving for improvement while always being thankful for what we already have. Dave and Ashley discuss this complex dynamic and show ways to be thankful in every season of marriage. Go to premarriage.com to find out about our full Premarriage Course, "Preparing for I Do". Get 10% off your first month as a listener of the Naked Marriage podcast. Go to getfaithful.com/nakedmarriage and join the over 500,000 people taking charge of their mental health with the help of an experienced professional. 25% off Sakara | Sakara.com Checkout Code: NakedEarlyAccess Listen to The MarriageToday Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/marriagetoday-with-jimmy-karen-evans/id209659095 Check out Dave and Ashley's NEW book here - https://www.amazon.com/Naked-Marriage-Undressing-intimacy-lifelong-ebook/dp/B07HQYWFDY Follow us on Social: Facebook: @strongermarriages Instagram: @daveandashleywillis Twitter: @davewillis A podcast dedicated to undressing the truth about sex, intimacy and lifelong love. The concerns and questions most couples have in marriage often go unspoken, until now. Hosts Dave and Ashley Willis bring wisdom, vulnerability, and humor to even the toughest marriage topics. Together they have built a strong following, reaching millions of married couples through their blogs, books, and videos. They have four young sons and live near Dallas, TX.
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The Christy Wright Show
The Christy Wright Show
Ramsey Network
Ep 26: How to “Deal” With Your In-Laws with John Delony
How to “Deal” With Your In-Laws 0:53 Five Rules to Have the Best Relationship With Your In-laws 15:46 Why Relationships Are So Hard with John Delony 42:07 Let’s Talk About Your In-Laws Resources Christy's 5-Day Confidence Boost Sign up for Christy’s free 5-Day Confidence Boost. You’ll receive five days of encouragement focused on helping you become a more confident you! https://bit.ly/3njJgTC Christy's New Devotional - Living True: 40 Days to Get Back to You Get back to you with my brand-new devotional, Living True: 40 Days to Get Back to You, that will help you break through the busyness of life and build the confidence you need to embrace the person you want to be. Get your copy today: https://bit.ly/2IxPW12 We want to hear your feedback about The Christy Wright Show! Email us at hello@christywright.com to let us know what you think of the show. Today, we’re talking about how to “deal” with your in-laws so you can have the best relationship possible. I’m so excited because my friend (and fellow Ramsey Personality) Dr. John Delony joins us to talk about navigating relationships in our lives. Then, we’ll spend some time journaling about what we can do to apply this truth to our lives. 5 Rules to Have the Best Relationship With Your In-laws There's one particular relationship that research shows is the hardest of all: the relationship between a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law. I've even done some reading on this because I'm asked about it so much. People really struggle with their relationship with their in-laws. That’s why I worked with my own mother-in-law to come up with five rules for improving your relationship. If both people do this, the relationship will improve: * Appreciate everything. * Invest in the relationship. * Communicate. * Be confident. * Put yourself in their shoes. Why Relationships Are So Hard with John Delony I’m so excited because Dr. John Delony joins us in studio to talk about navigating our relationships with our in-laws. Y’all, this is good stuff. We cover everything from marriage and setting boundaries to learning how to communicate well so we can have the best relationships possible. I hope you lean in and take away some great tips that will help you navigate and pour into the relationships in your own life. Let’s Talk About Your In-Laws “Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.” – 1 Peter 4:8 (NIV) How many things would be solved if we just loved each other? How many things would be easier if we just thought of how we could show love? It's so easy to get frustrated with family and take them for granted, but family’s also a sacred relationship and a role that no one else gets to fill. That's why it's on us to lead the relationship. Don't sit back and take a passive approach. We have an opportunity to love first. So, I've got a few questions for you as you process this and think about how to apply it to your own life: * What are 10 things you’re grateful for about your in-laws? * What’s one healthy boundary you want to set and communicate with your in-laws? * What’s one way you're going to show love to your in-laws this week?
48 min
Life.Church with Craig Groeschel
Life.Church with Craig Groeschel
Has 2020 Knocked You Down?
Alongside her husband Craig, Amy Groeschel co-founded Life.Church in 1996. As the leader of Sisters, the Life.Church women’s ministry, she authors Bible studies for women, including _The Call,_ _The Pursuit,_ and _The Hope._ She is also the founder and President of Branch15, a non-profit housing ministry supporting women on the path to recovery. Amy and Craig married in 1991 and have six children. Connect with Pastor Amy on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/amygroeschel Start the _Rise Up and Stand Firm_ Bible Plan: https://www.go2.lc/riseup Get more from Sisters: https://www.life.church/sisters WE’RE OPEN To ensure safety at all of our Life.Church locations, our weekend services have been redesigned to create a sanitary, touchless environment that allows for physical distancing. Learn more about everything we're doing to keep you safe and how you can help by using hand sanitizer, washing your hands often, and more: https://www.life.church/updates Find a time and attend a service with us: http://www.life.church/locations NEXT STEPS Have you made a decision to follow Jesus? You may be wondering what’s next on your journey. We want to help! Let us guide you to your next steps in your walk with Christ: https://www.life.church/next ABOUT LIFE.CHURCH Wherever you are in life, you have a purpose. Life.Church wants to help you find your next step. Our hope is that your journey will include joining us at a Life.Church location throughout the United States or globally online at https://www.live.life.church. Find locations, videos, and more info about us at https://www.life.church or download the Life.Church app at https://www.life.church/app. FIND US ON SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/life.church Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/life.church Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/lifechurch CONNECT WITH PASTOR CRAIG YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIIdiIO-Y20hRW9niR0CA8A Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/craiggroeschel Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/craiggroeschel Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/craiggroeschel
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The Brian Buffini Show
The Brian Buffini Show
Brian Buffini
Gratitude: My Secret Ingredient for Success #252
“Gratitude is an attitude of the heart. It brings energy to the spirit and it does wonders for communication between people.” – Brian Buffini Gratitude is one of the cornerstones of the good life and the bedrock on which true success rests. In this episode, Brian teaches how a focus on gratitude can be transformational not only at Thanksgiving, but all year round. He provides strategies to embrace, express and receive gratitude and explains why, no matter life’s challenges, there is always something to be grateful for. YOU WILL LEARN: * Why gratitude must be expressed, not just felt. * Why it’s vital to write down the things you're thankful for. * Why gratitude is an attitude of the heart. INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES FROM THIS EPISODE: “Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.” — Cicero “It costs nothing to say ‘please’ or ‘thank you.’” — Therese Buffini “Gratitude and entitlement cannot exist at the same time.” — Brian Buffini “Gratitude can turn common days into Thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.” — William Arthur Ward “Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.” —Melody Beattie https://www.TheBrianBuffiniShow.com http://www.brianbuffini.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brian_buffini Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brianbuffini Twitter: https://twitter.com/brianbuffini Theme Music: “The Cliffs of Moher” by Brogue Wave
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