Navigating Comebacks with Idalis Velasquez
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Through being a young athlete, moving countries, becoming a wife and mother, Idalis has experienced every level of trauma and continues to come back stronger than ever. She has come back through injuries, accidents, postpartum stress, and a complete and total loss of identity to help other women navigate those same waters.

Listen as she shares her inspirational story and why she keeps thinking of others as she builds her empire and authority. Her story of perseverance and a never-ending belief that she can make it through, is something to strive for.

If you’ve ever had moments that you’ve felt completely down and out, come back to this episode and remember that you too can make it back to health and life.

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In this episode:

[01:25] Welcome Idalis Velasquez to share her story.

[03:34] Idalis shares her athletic background and upbringing.

[07:07] ...but she wasn’t well-nourished

[10:28] Within a year she was married, moved countries, and had a baby.

[15:37] What happened when she was forced into retirement.

[19:07] Being a stay-at-home mom was not for her.

[21:09] Looking back she wishes that she had a close friend to talk with.

[23:43] Why a sharp pain in her head actually saved her life.

[30:40] Then she had her baby and she suffered from postpartum depression.

[40:47] Her career started to take off.

[45:03] Right as BeachBody became interested, she found out she was pregnant.

[52:09] What we all do as women.

[55:52] Don’t let the media tell you how to look.

[01:02:06] Idalis shares what’s on her plate for 2021.

[01:05:55] Connect with Idalis.

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