Built Through Courage with Dave Hollis
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2020 was going to be his best year ever, and it was. Despite traversing the crazy pandemic situation, navigating a divorce, and learning more about what he is capable of, 2020 was still his best year ever.

Listen as he shares how he moved through huge changes in his life, doubled down on becoming the very best parent he can be, and continued to better himself and his health. This was an amazing conversation full of fantastic insights and advice.

If you’ve been experiencing some harder than usual times, this is the episode for you.

After you listen, will you message me on social and let me know your thoughts? Use the hashtag #workingitoutwithJV so I know you’re part of my podcast community!

In this episode:

[02:27] Welcome Dave Hollis to the show.

[07:39] How the pandemic actually helped in the transition with his divorce.

[10:29] Learn more about Dave’s background.

[20:05] How he has kept going as he steps out of his comfort zone.

[23:09] Learn how he’s changed his thoughts around planning.

[29:56] You have to walk toward your fear.

[33:14] Was his corporate job his dream as he grew up?

[39:57] Everything comes back to adding value to the world.

[43:44] His take on a question his ex-wife got all the time that he was never asked.

[48:25] Stop wasting your time living someone else’s life.

[50:48] Dave and I chat all about books.

[55:55] Hear all about his new book Built Through Courage.

[01:04:40] Connect with Dave.

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Untethered Soul by Michael Alan Singer


The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle


Live Free by DeVon Franklin


Ride of a Lifetime by Robert Iger


Soundtracks by Jon Acuff


Effortless by Greg McKeown


Untamed by Glennon Doyle


Built Through Courage by Dave Hollis


Steve Jobs Commencement Speech at Stanford

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