The Mindset of Weight Loss with Ilana Muhlstein
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After spending an entire childhood viewing food as her partner in crime and the caretaker of her soul, Ilana Muhlstein realized that she had to make a change. Years of seeing her weight yo-yo back and forth and realizing the impact it had on her health were the catalyst she needed to make a change.

Now she is a Registered Dietitian and has created the 2B Mindset that she has been teaching to men and women all over the world. Listen as she shares more about her story and why she is a firm believer in the scale. Plus you won’t want to miss out on connecting with her through TikTok!

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In this episode:

[02:32] Ilana’s Background and Story

[06:24] How the Cycle of Weight Loss and Gain Affected Her Mindset

[09:14] It Fostered Her Current Career

[13:18] Why Do We Make Nutrition so Hard?

[15:52] How Much of Our Diet Is Culturally Based?

[19:15] Positive Self-Talk is a Requirement For Moms

[28:06] Be Happy With Any Number

[33:28] The Scale is Best When You’re Significantly Overweight

[36:32] Why Ilana Loves TikTok

[42:16] You Can’t Be Body Positive If You Don’t…

[49:27] Ilana’s Favorites…

[51:20] Give Yourself Grace

[52:57] Connect with Ilana

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