What Does Art Have To Do With An ESG Strategy?
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An interview with art historian Sneha Shah

Quote from Guest: “Art is like this universal language” - Sneha Shah

Summary: Sneha Shah, Founder and CEO of Curaty joins Bold founder Caleb Parker for Episode 9 of Season 9  where  they discuss the impact art can have on community both within and around our buildings.

In this episode Caleb and Sneha discuss art as service, how curated art can provide inspiring and inclusive environments and the hashtag #WhiteWallsSuck

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Value Bombs:

Even before we had language that was verbal, it was visual. - Sneha

It's one of the oldest human organisational frameworks that we've created to be in touch with ourselves, but also with each other. - Sneha

How can we actually create spaces that respond to the people that are actually working there. - Sneha

Being surrounded by art sometimes creates the same kind of effect as being in nature, because at the end of the day, it's human touch. - Sneha

The values are the consistent piece, but the display of those values can vary. - Caleb

Since the day we were founded our hashtags have been  #noNakedWalls and #wechampionartists. - Sneha


[01.44]  The history of art in the environment and why it’s important.

[03.44] Using art to represent power

[05.52] The feelings art can create

[07.24] Are organisations beginning to use art to reflect their brand?

[11.42] How to curate a space that can be accommodating to everyone

[15.23] Using art spaces for wellbeing

[16.34] Can office spaces be uniformed and still create inclusive environments?

[19.09] Collaborations with art and artists

[20.35] Can you measure the impact of art within a space?

[21.48] Curaty’s art as a service program


University College London

Rotary Club International

School of Art Institute Chicago

Forbes 30 under 30

JP Morgan

Dream the World Anew

Shout outs:

Giorgio Vasari

Anthony Slumbers

Jane Beaumont

About Sneha

Sneha Shah is the Founder and CEO of Curaty who buy and Rent curated fine art from the world's most inspiring artists and curators.


Headline Sponsor: DeltaQ

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DeltaQ improves comfort while maximising energy and CO2 savings and allows operational teams to turn their attention to added value work instead of repetitive tasks and constant finetuning.

When deployed over a large volume of buildings, DeltaQ will deliver an important contribution to realising the world’s ambition in the fight against climate change.

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