#2 - Titles, Protocol, and The Masonic Thought Police
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We MUST be a secret underground cult!

It's no wonder that the uninitiated are so confused, apprehensive, and perhaps even afraid of Freemasons and what we are given how we dress, speak, act, and conduct ourselves in the presence of our brethren.

What does it all even mean, anyway?

Not only that, but how important IS it, really? We call each other "brother", "worshipful", "right worshipful" and "most worshipful". We wear white gloves, top hats, suits and tuxes. We walk and talk awfully funny. But why, though? And again, how important IS all of this? We also hold ourselves to a particular code of conduct - especially online.

Some brothers occasionally joke about the "Masonic Thought Police" - a vague "big brother" reference suggesting they're not really free to do or say what they want (particularly on the internet) without repercussions. On this episode of Worthy and Well Qualified... we address all these issues and see just how much merit there is to the idea that Masonic Big Brother is waiting in the shadows to cart you away for your "bad" behavior.

What's in this episode:

  • Who's "Worshipful", how worshipful they are, and how you become that worshipful
  • other titles and Masonic protocol like hats & gloves
  • the idea of the "Masonic Thought Police"
    • what you can and can't, should and shouldn't say on a podcast, on the internet, and as a Mason in general
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