Episode 57 - Router Sleds, Air Cleaners, Which Domino, & MUCH More!
58 min

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1) I am looking at getting a Festool domino machine. I was wondering which one you all use the most? They are a lot of money and I want to get both, but only one is in the budget currently. I am currently building a big green egg cart similar to Mark Spagnolo and he used both in his build. I mostly will be building small tables and small cabinets and am thinking of getting the 500 but was wondering what you all think. Thank you. David

2) Hey, Fellas!  I wanted to get your advice on something.  I inherited a Delta DC380 15" planer that has a newer brushless motor on it and straight knives for a cutter head. It's a beast, but it's a big piece of equipment for my shop which is just the size of a one-car-garage.  I'm thinking about selling it and "downgrading" to a DeWalt DW735 with a helical head.  Am I crazy?  What might I end up sacrificing if I go with the DeWalt after working with the Delta for a few years now?  My biggest concerns with keeping the Delta is potential upcoming maintenance (it's an older machine), overall size, and lack of storage in the industrial rolling base. -Joel



1) Hi fellas. You answered my question a while back on dining chair design re: lower stretchers. That was very helpful. Thanks.

I've prototyped a chair (I can email through a picture if that would help), and am now on to batching out the set in white oak. While I was doing the prototype, I pattern routed the back legs and found that I was getting a fair amount of tear out due to grain direction. So, I invested in a compression flush trim bit thinking that this would solve my problems. I'm finding that it isn't the magic solution that I thought it'd be. I'm still facing issues with the bit chewing into grain that would ordinarily be in the wrong direction.

A little background information: I don't have a router table. I'm doing this handheld, taking light passes, and I've got the speed slowed way down on the router. I'm using a 2.25 hp router, which should be able to handle this kind of thing.

Am I missing something? Do I need a router table for this to work? Should I reject technology altogether and live in the forest?

2) I listen to 2 podcasts. Yours is by far the better. Professional and informative while being personable.

I inherited a 12/4 100” x 18” Norwegian pine slab from my 93 year old mentor Bert.  Having been stored under his saw these past 30 years he wanted to see it used.  Grow locally here in SE Minnesota, I estimated it was a sapling in about 1870 making it 2nd growth.

It quickly became apparent neither 40 grit on a 4” hand drum sander nor No. 5 jack plane would work well, so I built an 8 foot x 2-1/2 foot router sled.  Using my Bosch 1617 and a Whiteside 6220 planing bit I eliminated the twist and the bandsaw marks then ROS to 80/150/220, amber shellac and wiping varnish made using Minwax. Final thickness was 3”. You can find pics at @wilsoncellulosics.

While acceptable for a fireplace lintel the resulting quality was good but not furniture grade. Have either you all or your colleagues done slab planing?  I am open to tackling another slab sometime when the opportunity arises. Are third party slab planers worth the considerable cost (meaning furniture-grade results)?  If so recommendations to consider? Bob Peterson



1) Hello gentlemen. This question is for all three of you. I have a 2hp Shop Fox table saw and wanted to add on to it by upgrading the fence and possibly building things into the wings. Have some trouble deciding on what fence when I realized this is a trend for me making these types of improvements everywhere. So.....What are the best third party upgrades you’ve made to tools in your shop (excluding the obvious things like the Super Incra Miter Sled 9000). Maybe a two answer format - best made shop improvement vs. best purchased improvement. What the thing you added that made life so much better. Thank you boys, keep up the great work. Joey - Winter Wolf Woodworking

2) Hi guys, love the podcast! I’ve got a question about a ceiling mounted air filters. I have a small (200ish sqft) shop in the basement. I was looking at something like the RIKON 62-400 since it’s a small area. However if I step up to the 62-100, which is 2.5x the price, I can get carbon filters for it, it’s not an option on the smaller unit. My question is: With my shop being in the house is it worth being able to get carbon filters to help get rid of some of the fumes from finishes, or is the bigger unit just overkill in such a small shop? Im not spraying conversion varnish or anything like that, usually it’s wipe on finish on small boxes and things, if that makes a difference. Also the HVAC is in the corner of the shop, and the basement outside my shop door is a finished living area, which is why I want to put in air filtration. Thanks! Matt


WoodWhisperer flattening workbench: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtkBZHLJyD0

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071 - Unnecessary Walnut Coin Display, New Camera Equipment & Pinto Drill Press
In this episode, Mark is prototyping the unnecessary walnut coin display and gets an office to himself! Drew is making progress with the gaming table. Bruce bought a new camera and films a cost breakdown of the dust collection system and piping. Get 15% off your entire order at Bits & Bits with coupon code: WBAT15 through Jan 31, 2021! Limit one use per person. https://bitsbits.com/ Become a patron of the show to receive awesome rewards! http://patreon.com/webuiltathing Help us grow our audience by sharing the show on Instagram and tagging @webuiltathing! OUR TOP PATREON SUPPORTERS: -YouCanMakeThisToo -JK Canvas -Jennie and Davis -Tom's Woodwork -Chiseled Woodworking -Tim Morrill -Brent Jarvis -Dad It Yourself DIY -Broken Lead Woodworks -Chris Powell -Christopher Simonton -Maddux Woodworks -Ray Jolliff -Firewood Designs We Built A Thing T-shirts! We have two designs to choose from! (You can get one of these as a reward at certain levels of support) https://amzn.to/2GP04jf https://amzn.to/2TUrCr2 Bruce's most recent videos: https://youtu.be/bptaagFkCQQ Drew's most recent video: https://youtu.be/iVTJBN3lPXI Mark's most recent video: https://youtu.be/GynOg9SJIp0 We are all makers, full-time dads and all have YouTube channels we are trying to grow and share information with others. Throughout this podcast, we talk about making things, making videos to share on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc...and all of the life that happens in between. CONNECT WITH US: WE BUILT A THING: www.instagram.com/webuiltathing WE BUILT A THING EMAIL: webuiltathing@gmail.com FISHER'S SHOP: www.instagram.com/fishersshop/ BRUDADDY: www.instagram.com/brudaddy/ GUNFLINT DESIGNS: www.instagram.com/gunflint_designs/ Music by: Jay Fisher (Thanks, Jay!)
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Another Woodshop Podcast
Another Woodshop Podcast
Another Woodshop Podcast
Episode 38: Kielbasi Thanksgiving
Episode 38 - Dan is finishing up  the barnwood doors, masking some cutting boards (but not finishing them), and refinishing some stair treads for a client. Mike was sick all week, but feeling better, wrapping up the redwood bench, working on some custom trays, and he set up his laser! Pete is painting wooden paneling, making a bunch of cutting boards, taught a private class, making cherry swing seats, and he’s redesigning a wall in his shop to make room...for a secret tool. Sponsor: MIRKA https://instagram.com/mirka_usa?igshid=1xp5fvqxsupb3 Sign up for Patreon for Early access, and special Patreon-only content: https://www.patreon.com/anotherwoodshoppodcast Raffle for Woodworkers with disabilities fund: https://www.katzmoseswoodworking.com/new-products/coffey-woodworking-raffle-win-a-custom-charcuterie-board-benefitting-the-katz-moses-woodworkers-with-disabilities-fund Voicemails: Adam Barnett Barnett custom builds How do you price work for CNC? Adrienne Hickory Holdstead Creations What sales were you looking to take advantage of this black friday? +Barbara - MWIS Workshop - What is your Thanksgiving family tradition? Will king Fabled labs Resawing.  How do you process your wood when you resaw? Ben Miller What was the first order that made you realize you can go full time? What project, once finished, you felt such relief you wanted to sleep for days? Josh The Dad JoshTheDad1 What has been your favorite christmas gift to make? Giveaway: Listen to the podcast for how to enter! Odies Super Duper Dark 9OZ, 1-Scotch Brite Non-Abrasive pad ($40.49) Sponsored by MacBeath Hardwood https://www.macbeath.com https://www.instagram.com/macbeathhardwood/ Winners: David J. Sipich https://www.instagram.com/sipich34/ Micro Jig Dovetail Clamps DVC-538K2 ($44.99) You can leave us a voice message at (754) 225-5297 or you can record your question or comment on your phones voice memo app and email it to anotherwoodshoppodcast@gmail.com You can follow us all and the podcast on Instagram and YouTube! Podcast: https://www.instagram.com/anotherwoodshoppodcast/ https://www.youtube.com/anotherwoodshoppodcast https://www.etsy.com/shop/awpstore Pete: https://www.instagram.com/ptreesworkshop/ https://www.youtube.com/ptreesworkshop https://www.etsy.com/shop/pTreesWorkShop Mike: https://www.instagram.com/coffeycustombuilds/ https://www.youtube.com/coffeycustombuilds https://www.etsy.com/shop/coffeycustombuilds Dan: https://www.instagram.com/danieldunlap.woodworks/ https://www.youtube.com/danieldunlap  https://www.etsy.com/shop/ddwwstore Support the show (http://www.patreon.com/anotherwoodshoppodcast)
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